Can Chocolate SAVE the Grenada Cocoa Industry ???

In regard to the above-captioned subject, the answer is YES!! BUT.

There is need to do a complete change in the operations of the Grenada Cocoa Association and how the Management of the GCA Board thinks.

There should be emphasis on not selling Grenada Cocoa Beans in crocus bags but selling chocolate as semi-processed chocolate (or cocoa liquor).

Chocolate finished products such as milk chocolates (both locally, in the region, and in the rest of the world), and as Finished Dark chocolates such as Bonbon, Truffles and other special end products & also instantised “Cocoa Tea” products, cocoa powder, and liquid chocolate products similar to “CC Mel” and other liquid products for ice-cream cone products, dips , etc.

I am willing to help. To carry out the above, our added value will provide more than ten times the amount of money the Grenada Cocoa Industry now earns and as a result we can easily pay cocoa farmers up to $5.00 per pound for their cocoa beans.

However, it means placing emphasis on Marketing and Sales of Grenada Chocolate by directly knowing the Marketing & Sales managers of Chocolate.

End users such as Lindt & Sprungli, Barry Callibut, Mars, other European chocolate manufacturers & North American manufacturers.

We must also co-ordinate with our local supermarkets and others who sell milk chocolate bars and other chocolate products imported from Europe and North America, and Latin America.

You see we must now know the specific requirements of the current buyers and others who have purchasing agents and Managers to provide them with the semi-processed chocolate liquor.

Once this information is known the Diamond Chocolate Plant can operate at 100% of its capacity and possibly another plant producing only Milk Chocolate can be set up.

From the above, the Grenada Cocoa Association (GCA) can now be known as the Grenada Chocolate Association and everyone would want to
be a Grenada cocoa farmer and be associated with cocoa and Chocolates.

I am willing to help and provide information and technology towards this end.

Dr.E.Reginald Buckmire

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