MNIB investigation smells of conflict of interest!!!

Dear Lady Avril Anande Trotman-Joseph,

Grenada Diaspora Fraud Probe Center is closely following the MNIB scandal. One of many that came to our attention, creating the Grenada Scrutiny project.

We call on you to RECUSE yourself. This Investigation smells bad of collusion, with intent to deceive the masses. I urge you not to be party to this complicity. Further details we will outline in our Global Blog.

We feel you are not qualified to perform these investigative legal duties because of your very likely Conflict of Interest and surely your Lack of Impartiality. This news article and the several prior ones surely mentioned these issues.

This MNIB scandal is indeed one of many Corruption Cases under the nose of the PM Dr. Keith C. Mitchell – which get ignored or swept under the carpet. It appears from recent past evidence; he chooses to look the other way.

Thus, time to indeed expose the waves of very costly corruptions in Grenada, primarily within this ruling administration & fellow corrupt associates, attorneys-at-law, real estate agents, ministers etc.

The list continues to grow long with the many leads and tips we have received to date.

Depending on course of action, it is our intent to turn over all gathered evidence, leads and tips to proper investigative authorities – especially when and where Foreign Corruption & Rico Acts do apply – at the victim origin.

J. Duncan
M. Wilson

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