Answers are needed!!!

I will be most grateful if you will grant me space in your papers to enquire of Cable & Wireless Grenada Ltd. or any relevant authority why is it that there has been no Annual Report to the shareholders since the 2013/2014 report.

I was of the view that all public companies were obligated to inform all shareholders of their companies’ Annual Shareholders General meetings and to furnish them with such reports.

Is it because, in the case of Cable & Wireless Grenada Limited, that members of the public who own only 992,767 or 2.5% of the company that they are treated with what maybe termed contempt?

And is the second shareholder, the Government of Grenada, who owns 11,007, 233 shares or 27.5% not concerned with what is going on with the people’s shares in that company?

The third shareholder is Cable & Wireless (W.I) Ltd who owns 28,000,000 shares or 70%.

As for me I will like to know what is going on.

Simeon Green

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