A furious PM Mitchell!!!

Don’t be disappointed and furious Mr. PM because you and your team is responsible for the unsuccessful referendum. It turned out the way it did because of your stubbornness.

You’ve forgotten that the main focus was supposed to be about the Grenadian people – those from all walks of life the rich, less unfortunate, the haves and haves not.

Instead of trying to take your time and educate, likewise redress the issues with the judicial system, you’ve found yourself on many occasions castigating the decision makers.

You also failed to recognise that the judicial system is one of the executive branches of government. Mr. PM, aren’t there supposed to be some kind of collaboration in working together without being biased towards the judicial system?

Why were you condemning that noble institution, when your Supreme Court Registrar is supposed to be doing what he/she was paid to do with our taxpayer dollars?

I want to know what is the role of the Supreme Court Registrar?

Aren’t he/she supposed to help the courts in their roles and functions, the Registrar, the President/Chairman and the Judges in all their official/judicial functions?

If the local courts are in so much disrepute with so much backlog then it means some authoritative figure or figures aren’t doing their job effectively.

Now that Referenda has come and gone there’s much time for reflection for government and their inefficient advisory committee.

I have been seeing so much EXPERTS out there giving reasons as to why the referendum didn’t succeed.

This was a second time within a two year time span another referendum was held and was struck down by the people, and let’s be mindful it wasn’t a rejection it simple meant the majority of Grenadians weren’t educated enough and some didn’t understand because of the speedy process by Government.

Furthermore, many Grenadians were saying the process was “RUSHED” and government and the advisory committee didn’t think so. Had the Government and the CCJ Advisory Committee taken their time with the entire process and listened to what the Trade Union Council, Grenada Bar Association and other opposing forces had to say the referendum would’ve been successful with full people’s participation.

Many are casting blames on the opposition. Grenadians needs to be made aware because according to our constitution “we don’t have an OPPOSITION” because to meet that criteria one has to obtain electoral seats to be represented in Parliament and any learned individual who is familiar with our constitution will know that.

I don’t believe opposing forces like NDC and many others had much bearing on the referendum. I have even heard the Prime Minister making those ridiculous statements and I quote: “If this thing does not work then the Opposition doesn’t have anything to celebrate”.

Good riddance Mr. PM, you should’ve known better since the NDC does not have any seats in the House of Representatives it is only represented in the Senate. It simply means that the PM doesn’t know his constitution and what it states regarding opposition.

For the March 13th 2018 general elections the NNP won resoundingly with a (15) seat mandate to govern. They won the popular vote 33,786 with 0.2% swing they managed to capture 58.9% of votes casted.

So, how is it that they weren’t able to convince their supporters to come out in large numbers and vote on Referendum day?

A registered list of voters of 79,410 and only 22,098 and out of that 119 were invalid/blanked votes.

We had a low turnout of 28% of the electorates. I’m now wondering if the government will accept responsibility for such low turnout because they’re to be blamed for the rushed process.

This referendum wasn’t successful because people didn’t fully understand what this referendum was all about, neither what is CCJ and the bill they were voting for to amend the constitution.

I kept hearing blame being placed on everyone as to why this wasn’t successful and none are pointing fingers on the government that politicised everything and turned it into a General Elections like atmosphere and to me that was their biggest mistake.

When they were telling their supporters vote (YES) they literally forgot that this wasn’t about one segment of the population but rather it should’ve been about everyone.

There is no need for government to play the blame game or look for scapegoats but themselves.

If the PM couldn’t sway voters in direction of CCJ it simply means that he is not as influential as he thought he was or can we either say he is losing his grip on power?

Because of “Selfish intransigence and Selfish leadership on the PM’s part we ended up with an unsuccessful referendum. I firmly believe it played an important role in making this referendum unsuccessful.

I’m of the opinion this has nothing much to do with opposing forces because the (NO) team came out very late especially the Bar Association President Lisa Taylor and others came out late and they weren’t opposing CCJ per say in making it as our final appellate court, but the argument had always been that “we should fix our local Judicial system before we moved to CCJ.”

Those were the sentiments expressed by many individuals who wanted redress to the ongoing issues of backlog of court cases and that’s the reason why people were asking why the RUSH?

This wasn’t supposed to be a one night stand but rather the involvement and participation of all stakeholders – TUC, Government legislators and the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique in this whole venture.

When the government team start speaking about removing the last vestiges of colonialism this was just a weak point that didn’t worked out well for the CCJ Advisory Committee who were working under the directives of the Government.

Our government was seeking to amend our constitution and guidelines were being followed according to Section (65) of the constitution that speaks about (Amending the Constitution) subsection (1) – (6) regarding referendum and two-third and procedures to be followed.

This wasn’t supposed to be about one man and his administration or any political party – “it was rather about the people of the state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique.”

I firmly believe the Advisory Committee did a lousy job in educating the population because the three leading individuals that were cheering were very ignorant and they weren’t the best to educate people.

These gentlemen spent most of their time fighting with citizens than educating them and their behaviours at time was very disgusting.

Dr. Francis Alexis has now added three unsuccessful referenda to his portfolio, one in St Vincent in 2009 and two in Grenada 2016 and 2018.

For an individual who is seen as a constitutional guru, he is a failure and likewise Ruggles and Sir Lawrence.

I hope that our taxpayer dollars will never be spent on these individuals again.

The Prime Minister and his team have no one to blame but themselves for this unsuccessful referendum.

The Professional Agitator

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