Grenada’s best kept secret

Old McDonald had a farm, hee hi ho….. so the nursery rhyme goes. Ok, let’s get serious now. It was a Tuesday, such lovely weather, it would have been a crying shame to be indoors so my sister and I were desperately seeking some place to take the kids to have some fun.

Quite by chance, I stumbled upon an ad for an upcoming event at some place called McDonald Amusement Park and Cuisine (MAPC).

Our rising hopes hit ground level when we realised that it was carded for the following weekend. However, out of desperation, I called the number listed and explained our plight to the well-mannered voice on the other end of the line.

After understanding that we were visitors due to leave the island on Sunday, the gentleman cordially opted to open his park and host us despite the fact that we were a small party.

We followed his directions, ventured to the Cliff in Calivigny, two minutes walk down the road opposite and there, nestled amidst the shade of the trees, we stumbled upon Grenada’s best kept secret.

A family run business, steered by the capable hands of Mr George McDonald himself, former operator and owner of Mr Green Jeans restaurant at SGU.

After 17 years into that business, with much deliberation and consultation with Hilary, his wife of over 30 years they decided they wanted to expand and improve their business with an emphasis on encouraging family togetherness, thus the idea of ‘MAPC’ McDonald’s Amusement Park and Cuisine was born.

Myself and family were welcomed with open arms despite the fact that it was obviously inconvenient to our hosts.

We were given a tour of the establishment ably run by husband, wife and daughter along with Wilma the ‘Girl Friday’, everything highlighted the theme ‘family’.

The slides, games etc were all designed in a way that everyone, from toddler to grand-parents could have fun… and boy, oh boy, did we have fun!

Lunch, when it was served by Hilary, the elegant ‘lady of the house’, came with a complete explanation of how each meal was prepared.

Interestingly, most of the ingredients came fresh from the family’s little kitchen garden… even the cane juice we drank was made from cane harvested in a field opposite and squeezed right there at the park.

As wife Hilary posited, she was ever conscious of the health of her patrons, so most of her meals were fat free with a keen eye on the calories… even the ice-cream featured local fruits.

The entire experience was a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of the city. Folks, while we ladies chatted with the wife, we shared a joke, but immediately Mr McDonald re-appeared, Hilary shared it with him.

Laughingly, she confessed that they kept nothing from each other, not even jokes. This is so admirable!

After a very enjoyable evening, our host did us the honour of taking us directly to our doorstep with his van. What more could we have asked?

Grenadians, visitors alike, I urge you, if ever you feel like your family is drifting apart ever so slightly, or just crave the need for some quality time ‘far from the madding crowd’, then all the arrows point to one place.

Head on out to MAPC in Calivigny – fun, rides, restaurant/bar/ice-cream parlour. A great place for celebrating family events, birthdays, anniversaries etc.Whatever your reason, I promise you, it will be an experience you can’t keep to yourself because you know it will be a crying shame to do so, you’ll want to do like I did and say to folks you meet…. pssst.. can I share with you Grenada’s best kept secret?

MAPC… McDonald’s Amusement Park and Cuisine… don’t keep it to yourself. Share the secret. See you there!!!!

Patricia Gairy

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