“Bogo” do better than that!!!

Leon ‘Bogo’ Cornwall, one of the ‘Grenada 17’, is reported in the November 2nd edition of The Grenadian Voiceas saying, “Just as how they sacrificed their lives, it calls on comrades to continue making sacrifices for our nation.” Notice how he still uses the communist term “comrade” just as though the revolution had never ended. Maybe for him it hasn’t.

This concept of “sacrifice” needs to be examined. These Grenadian soldiers are said to have sacrificed their lives for their country.

Let’s look at this coolly and objectively. Would it not be truer to say that they were foolish to continue fighting the American armed forces whom they stood no chance of defeating?

Would it also not be truer to say that the reason they continued fighting was because they had been so indoctrinated by the likes of Cornwall that they flew in the face of reason? Is not he partly responsible for the loss of their lives? Had they stopped fighting they might be alive today and enjoying their lives as Cornwall is?

Could the above be the reason why so few of the families of the fallen Grenadian soldiers failed to attend the ceremony?

Cornwall talks about “getting into labels”. He means labels like Bishopite, Coardite? If these “Labels” meant so much 35 years ago, why should they not matter now? He might like them not to matter now in order to absolve him from guilt.

I have heard it said that Cornwall has repented for his sins and taken up the cause of Jesus Christ. If that is so he needs to do better than this.

Jolly Green

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