Allard is full of himself!!!

This is in response to Mr. David Allard in an essay entitled, “A Letter of Apology From David Allard to Brian Grimes and a brief note to The Professional Agitator.”

I reviewed what you wrote and called a letter of apology in the Grenada INFORMER newspaper dated Friday 26th 2018 to Mr. Brian Grimes, Public Relation Officer of PWU and yet you still find it in your heart to justify what you did in trying to tarnish his reputation as being right.

I will be frank and honest with you and boldly say sir: “THIS IS NOT A FORMAL LETTER OF APOLOGY”.

My question to you is – have you issued him a formal letter of apology “A HARD COPY?”

Mr. Allard, I’m quoting you and what you said – you stated in your essay that the intention though was never and I repeat never to attack you personally or to attack you on the basis of your character”.

Oh, really now, like you turned Bobby two tongue or frocked tongue.

Everyone that read that malicious essay that you’ve wrote were stunned by it and the words that were directed at Mr. Grimes, because it was meant to character assassinate him.

Whether or not Mr. Grimes tried to contact you via social media he has all rights to do so because of your maliciousness towards him.

This speaks volumes about you and your character as an individual who appears to be cunning as a fox in your ways. I believe you’re being extremely arrogant and I say this with no apology.

My understanding of writing a formal letter of apology to someone is not to glorify yourself in anyway but to express how deeply sorry you’re about what transpired between yourself and the other individual.

I didn’t know it was supposed to be used for self gratification -only persons suffering from personality disorder will do such a thing and not be remorseful about it.

What does issuing an apology to someone that you’ve tried to character assassinate has to do with you considering his age and background?

This certainly doesn’t make any sense and I don’t see any logics behind those words used.

You still continue to rant and rave by saying and I quote: “I believe that some of my descriptive words were indeed a little too heavy for your temperament and that the language used in the article was a bit too strong”?

I beg you pardon. Am I hearing right? Did you just said a little bit too strong?

Are you aware that Mr. Grimes is a well-respected individual within his community and among his peers? He grew up in a decent home with loving and genuine parents of whom I had the pleasure of knowing.

This is an insult to his late father who was a very upright man who had taught his son how to be a good citizen, A MODEL ONE and his son is still walking in his footsteps today.

I have one question for you. Do you know what mischaracterisation means? Do you have any moral decency or any shred of integrity within you? Do you feel comfortable with yourself terrorising an outstanding citizen of Grenada, a vibrant and upcoming leader of tomorrow?

I will name and shame you for being a disgusting individual because again you continue to malign and misquote Mr. Grimes in your essay when you said and I quote: “If the Prime Minister doesn’t apologise within a few days, the situation could get bitter or brutal and that it is time for some action in this country”.

Did Mr. Grimes ever used those strong words to the media? Mr. Allard, he didn’t use the wording BITTER and BRUTAL that I can assure you and the evidence is there in his television interview that was distributed to the various media houses.

I’m someone that keeps abreast with current issues especially what is happening here in Grenada whether it be on electronic press or social media and I pay keen attention.

I think you should review what was said in the media interview before making those inaccurate statements about Mr. Grimes that was meant to further malign the goodly gentleman’s name and reputation.

Mr. Allard, please get it right and stop playing handsy.

You even had the gall and gumption stating and I quote: “Therefore, I’m sorry for hurting your feelings and that of anyone close to you, including your family and friends. I AM SORRY INDEED.”

What you genuinely did was hurt more than his feelings and his immediate family and friends and yet you continue to do so with animosity.

Those who know Mr. Grimes personally would tell you this was very damaging on your part. Based on your entire essay you’re not remorseful at all.

I noticed that you took a lengthy time beating on a wall hoping it would become a door – remember this isn’t about “The Professional Agitator” the PARALEGAL but it’s rather about naming and shaming you for your malicious attack on Mr. Grimes’ character.

I don’t care about you and your accolades, neither do I care about religiosity, likewise your Christian beliefs, but you should’ve think first and get your facts straight before making those accusations against Mr. Grimes.

And let me make it abundantly clear to you that the same tongue you used to malign Mr. Grimes don’t use it to bless him because this is very HYPOCRITICAL of you.

The Professional Agitator

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