Mental Health Issues

A mental disorder is defined as including mental illness, mental disability, dementia or any disease of the mind.

As someone who has worked in healthcare system for almost two decades, I have always been passionate about human services and therefore I have served with distinction and my reputation precedes me.

My warm and caring personality has always warmed the hearts of my patients. Something that bothers me much as a healthcare professional is mental health.
Seeing so many individuals who are mentally ill, my heart even breaks more for the young men and women who are hopeless and lost in their own little world. Many of these individuals are treated as outcasts and in most cases they are pushed away by their families and left to fend for themselves making a life on the streets as vagrants.

It’s sad to see how society treats people with mental illnesses. Lately we have been seeing an increase in reported cases of hanging, which is as a result of one committing suicide – so many young persons are becoming victims and adults alike.

We have also seen cases of police brutality where a number of mentally challenged persons were shot and killed by law enforcement officials. We have heard of reports about the phenomenon death of an individual that died in custody.

I’m of the opinion that these officers have no training whatsoever in dealing with these fragile individuals.

It’s rather unfortunate and sad when these unforeseen incidents keep recurring – this is disheartening. I can’t believe in this day and age not much help is available from those in authority neither are there any support being given to the victim’s family. Likewise, they’re not given much support from their families.

I think much more should be done to help the victim’s families and folks that are struggling with mental issues because if left untreated it can become detrimental.

The World Health Organisation Assessment Instrument for Mental Health (WHO-AIMS) was used to collect information and structure the report on mental health System in Grenada.

I’m of the opinion that the various health ministers were aware of what the report states. Furthermore, there were a number of recommendations that were made and to this present day we are yet to see it being carried out.

We know mental illness is a big challenge all over the world not just here in GRENADA, despite the efficient functions of the Mt Gay Hospital there is plenty room for improvement.
I’m still seeing lots of mentally challenged people walking all over the place and I’m of the opinion that they’re not receiving treatment and I believe a lot can be done to curb that problem.

I think families need to come forward and report to the authorities, maybe the police, nurse or doctor any suspicious behaviours from relatives. When individuals are in distress they often become a danger to themselves and others.

Kudos to advocate “Friends of the Mentally Ill” for the wonderful job they are doing and continuing to do likewise all concerned citizens especially those who are the watchdogs of our society.

I highly appreciate and applaud the efforts you have made in raising the awareness in calling a spade a spade.

There are many classifications of mental illnesses that can lead to further deterioration of one’s condition; just to name a few, depression, drug misuse, medication dependency, bipolar disorder, personality disorders are all mental illnesses.

Mental illness is a very serious problem that needs redressing urgently but it must be approached with caution and sensitivity in dealing with these patients.

Brian J.M. Joseph

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