FLOW – A Bad Choice

I would be very happy if you can publish this letter in your esteem newspaper as many other Grenadians have had similar experiences. You see, it has been approximately fifteen months since I have been trying to get back monies which I was made to pay illegally to Flow with no success and a lot of run around and outright lies.

My ordeal started when for no reason my television signal was taken.

At first I thought that it was a breakdown in the services. After realising it was more than that I called the company and I was told that I owed $173.00 and that I should visit the head office. I did. I showed the teller all my stubs and she told me that if I wanted the service to restore the same day I should pay as it is only an accounting error and I will be refunded. I did not get the service and was not refunded.

I went back to the head office and inquired what was going on. Oh, they said the accountant was busy. Call me stupid, but I was made to pay for another month in which I was not getting the service with the same “don’t worry, you will be refunded”.

Since then I have been trying to get back my monies with no success.

I have written to the Manager (he did not reply). I have gone to see him and left with the assurance that I will be refunded. This has not happened.

I have made a complaint to NTRC and a woman with an English-speaking accent promised they will take up the matter and lied about writing to Flow and will copy the letter to me.

That has never happened.

I have never seen so blatant a robbery of people’s money by a business entity. I have been to the head office no less than five times. All they say to you, come back next week as if there is no cost to it.

While visiting Flow I realised that I was being charged for late fees. When I enquired why I was being charged late fees since I religiously pay before the month ends the attendant promised she will remove such as if she was doing me a favour.

To date, they owe me $173.00 + $184.00 + all the late fees they were collecting all through those months.

I know a woman who complained of similar experience and has been refunded. She has name recognition. I don’t.

As I close, I am appealing to all persons who have had similar experience to speak up. We are not setting good examples to ourselves and our children when we let wrongdoing go unchallenged.

Robert Modeste

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