Another Trini interfering in our coming to terms with our revolution

So, we have yet another Trini interfering in our private matter of coming to terms with our revolution.

On October 19, 2018, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Grenada is reported thus: He challenged those who experienced the revolution to “bring back the memories of those glorious days when all of us as young men and women said forward ever, backward never.”

He said this at Fort George during a service held by communist supporters of Maurice Bishop. No doubt they chose him to officiate because they knew of his leftist leanings. Did they also know that religion was not tolerated by Bishop’s government?

As if we didn’t have enough Trinis interfering during the revo itself.

What does this man know about what went on during what he calls “those glorious days”?

Does he know about the ghastly tortures that were practiced upon Grenadians? About the labour camp for Rastafarians at Hope Vale?

Surely, he must know that over 2,000 Grenadians were imprisoned without trial until the Americans let them out?

Does he call himself a Christian? Is he aware that the Marxist ideology of the PRG is atheist?

Let us deal with our own matters without foreign interference.

Fitzroy Louison

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