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Yellow Ashes!

On one level of evidence, there is a clear determination on the part of the remainder of the NDC not to remain in the ashes; and that is commendable as a starting point. However, it has become evident that they intend to live as ‘yellow ashes’, and that is a most unfortunate circumstance for a group that includes many Grenadians of integrity and good promise.
Supposedly, they need to be taught that the political road from promise to power is affixed with bridges connecting ‘the personal’ with ‘the popular’. Self-elevation plays only a negative role.

The 2018 electoral demolition of the NDC ushered in a unique period of opportunity for those who wished to continue in the politics. The opportunity on offer constitutes what may be called ‘a wilderness experience’; available for the development of new mindsets, training in new methods of political engagement and emerging as a transformed organisation (leadership and party). Those remaining need to understand and accept that Grenada is in no hurry for the NDC and that therefore the NDC ought not to hurry itself for Grenada. Got that?

Simply put, the better approach is to go through a valid transition, patiently and purposefully, then come back to the electorate refreshed, appealing and credible. Frankly, the NDC needs to be fixed. Someone has left a legacy of shattered glass and broken vessels.

Sadly, they appear to have declined the opportunity of a rewarding ‘wilderness experience’ and are busy engaging in political conduct that is guaranteed to yield defeat. Common sense suggests that where your ‘Goliath’ conceitedly stuck himself inside his head such that he was struck in that very place and put down, you ought to ensure that adequate protective head gear is available for future battles.

Actually, the lesson was taught a second time with Samson. Yes, he lost his strength when he lost his head in her lap; but was able to stage a comeback much wiser than before his ‘Delilah experience’. In today’s world, ‘Goliath’ is gender-neutral, so that if one sets oneself up as a female ‘Goliath’ one will surely be struck in one’s head and put down.

Even more sadly, they present themselves in the media busily serving the public ‘Yap! Yap! Retribution Politics’. That course of action will attract no one. It will settle at zero. They are persevering in the same old self-pleasing conduct of 2013-2018; a case of party before people, very reminiscent of the NJM in 1983.

Regrettably, the much-feared ‘One-Party State’ is being gifted to the NNP by the NDC. Some might say that that is unpatriotic and unpardonable. Bear in mind that leaders have a duty not to mislead or let-down their followers. But, while the NDC faithful hope to see the party form the Government, those with position power simply want to be able to show their faces and air their voices on TV.

While at it, they succeed only in confirming that they are neither ready nor able to lead our nation. Most assuredly and unless they change course, the faithful will soon lose heart and leave them on their own. Someone needs to wake them up and cause them to know the times and to know what is good for Grenada.

It beats me that a party without a leader could make followers of citizens by calling on them to vote ‘NO’ on the CCJ Bill in the up-coming referendum. Many in their ranks are inventing all sorts of irrelevant arguments to back-up their anti-people position. Officially, they say there must be electoral reform first (their main argument). So here is a fair question – if General Elections were called next week, minus any electoral reform, would the NDC contest for the opportunity to form the Government?

The answer is, YES! So being in Government is what they want for themselves. On the other hand, they want to block citizens from accessing justice at the CCJ. All of it boils down to short-sighted, self-pleasing, anti-people posturing. Posturing here has no political merit or value.

And they are not learning what good politics is in this period of our history. Between 2013-18, they were prepared to ‘kill’ (on Facebook, morning and night radio and other media) for a leader whose posture was that of hands clasping the chest, not outstretched and welcoming arms.

Having built no relationships, he ate defeat. They saw the Black Wizard, a literary tower; crumble like a ‘political infant’ singing “NNP fraid Nazim”! Yet they remain wedded to their old methods. They have told themselves that their proper role is to fight Keith, not to offer leadership to the people. Amazing!

Nothing better can be expected until and unless they have a genuine ‘wilderness experience’ of biblical proportions. They must leave the lifeless ‘yellow ashes’ behind.

William Joseph

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