Please permit me space in your widely read newspaper to express my utmost disgust with Lime/ Flow.

It is because of this disgust that I left Lime and went with Flow which at the time was the much better service provider. My experience for the following few months was good.

To my amazement the next thing I heard was that Flow was bought by Lime, and even then I thought that Lime would get better by adapting to the superior quality of service which I was receiving from Flow.

Low and behold, I was so wrong. Instead they brought Flow down to their level of poor and inefficient services. What a predicament!!!

Listening to their voice recordings all sorts of convenient ways of paying bills can be heard; not one word on convenience for providing the services we are paying for.

The problems range from the cable box or the remote or the quite frequent drops in the speed of the internet service.

Whether it is listening to the news or watching a movie, no matter which channel, words and sentences are cut and disrupted quite frequently making it very frustrating to watch or listen.

Moreover, I had a test done and the speed you are paying for is not what you are receiving.

Sometime ago they added a $20.00 for “more speed”. Well it is in fact more money for less speed.
Pay your bill one day late and you are charged a late fee, yet when there are area blockouts with the already poor service provided, there are no adjustments made to your monthly bill.

In addition, the remote doesn’t work, due to no fault of yours yet you are required to pay $50.00 for a replacement one. Why is this so, when the box and the remote are supposed to be the package we are paying for, since one cannot work without the other?

Flow is robbing us big time and why isn’t the Government protecting us or looking after our interest, as they would have us believe they are doing in the case of GRENLEC?

As far as this home owner is concerned, Grenlec is by far the BEST utility company presently operating on the island.

We get value for money from Grenlec as well as a quick response to our problems and queries, and only when you are disconnected after a few months of nonpayment, you are required to pay a reconnection fee.

I had the experience of reporting a problem with my Cable boxes, I received a call one week later to take me through fixing the problem on the phone. That didn’t work and I ended up waiting for two weeks before having the problem rectified and their boldfacedly sent me a bill with no adjustment for the two weeks without the functioning boxes.

Lime/Flow, you are being paid for that by the consumer and you need to come out and get the work done.

Isn’t this daylight white collar robbery? It is high time that we the people take a stand if our government is not looking after our interest.

The people of Trinidad did that by bringing in the Cable boxes to their offices in numbers and they got results in quick time.

We need to disconnect the boxes and bring them in numbers for the month of November, as Flow /Lime must know that we mean business.

It is only when we Grenadians wake up that Flow/Lime will wake up and serve us better.

Fed-up Customer

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