David Allard vs Brian Grimes!!!

What is Mr. David Allard MOTIVES towards Mr. Brian Grimes given his attack on him in another newspaper? Was it malice or antipathy?

It was one of the most malicious attacks on any Public Servant after the Prime Minister’s vile and outrageous statement against Healthcare Professionals and demoralising and dehumanising these individuals by calling them thieves and incompetent.

We’re seeing another attack being launched on Brian Grimes (PRO) of Public Workers Union (PWU) by one David Allard who called himself a Media Consultant and Private Investigator.

Mr. Allard wrote an article in GRENADA INFORMER newspaper week ending dated Friday 12th October entitled: Still, No Apology So Now A National Rally? Why Now? Some Grenadians Ask?

He also had a highlighted caption which reads and I quote: “It’s no longer Chester Humphrey, but it’s now Brian Grimes and the Public Workers Union in charge”.

He made a number of assertions about Mr. Grimes and while reading his essay, it makes me cringe because I’m of the belief that only a distorted or TWISTED mind can conjure such misleading statements.

I believe the writer was trying to DEPRAVE the minds of Grenadians with his erroneous assumptions.

This uncanny and rancor individual is trying to malign and paint Mr. Grimes with a bad brush which in my opinion is unethical media practices.

Mr. Allard, if this essay was meant to INFURIATE Mr. Grimes think again because he is a POWERHOUSE and therefore he will not flinch when small animals bark.

I have never known Mr. Grimes to be AGGRESSIVE, neither displayed any behaviour of AGGRESSION or AGGRESSIVENESS while carrying out his duties as PRO.

All those misleading allegations and accusations are GALLISH behaviour coming from spewing VENOM against an honest and hardworking individual who is simply doing his job.

Mr. Allard’s entire essay on Mr. Grimes was REPULSIVE. I’m of the opinion it only takes a morally disreputable individual one of unsavoury character to launch such an attack on someone whom he doesn’t even know personally.

Reading his malicious essay on Mr. Grimes in no way does it represent who Mr. Grimes is as an individual because he is an Independent Critical Freethinker.

The writer made a number of MISLEADING UNDERSTATEMENTS which to me is very maligning and malicious. He began his essay with a NEFARIOUS statement by saying and I quote: “It seems to most Grenadians that there is a new Sheriff in town and if we’re not careful we could be heading for shutting down of this country whenever Mr. Grimes say so”.

This is DIABOLICAL especially from a man who is always writing essays on his Christian beliefs.

I’m wondering what is the motive of this PEEON and who is paying him to do what he is doing? Is he a paid lobbyist or is he politically motivated?

Why is he attacking Mr. Grimes for doing his job as PRO? I want Mr. Allard to tell us if the PRO is in charge of PWU, when he is only part of the executive?

Is Mr. Allard trying to challenge Mr. Grimes for the position of PRO because he seems to know more about the trade union movement? Does he knows what PWU Constitution entails regarding PRO duties?

I just don’t understand what is Mr. Allard issues with Mr. Grimes because someone needs to help me because Mr. Grimes is perplexed and so are the many of us out here who are social advocates for change.

What does he mean when he made the vile statement and I quote: “He is like a trigger happy sniper who could be a public danger if not controlled sooner than later”.

Mr. Allard, are you trying to get Mr. Grimes fired from his job?

What are you implying? What kind of hatred are you trying to instill in Grenadians?

Your entire narrative is biased and politically motivated with lots of impartiality without fairness and balance and this essay is without merit.

How low could you have gone Mr. Allard – why this BITTERNESS towards Mr. Grimes? Are you being paid to write these kind of RUBBISH on a patriotic Grenadian – someone that has National Pride and the qualities that you yourself seem to be lacking?

He also stated in the essay and I quote: “In recent times, however, the role of Mr Brian Grimes has indeed shifted, according to some frightened patriotic Grenadians as though he is heading to start a revolution.

Allard went on: An older government retiree made the following comment: “The boy seems to have no respect for the Prime Minister who was in politics before the boy was born”.

My Granny always say, “what good to say good to keep” because those kinds of statements can open a whole can of worms.

Let me ask – is Mr. Grimes in politics? How has he disrespected the Prime Minister and in what way?

Mr. Allard even went further on to say and I quote: “Mr. Grimes, they say you run things now but they do hope that you will not run the country down like was seen thirty-five years ago where young folks with plenty zeal and not enough knowledge, led the life of the then Prime Minister to a dreadful end along with many other Cabinet members and innocent people”.

Who’re (THEY) Mr. Allard? Mr. Allard are you referring to Mr. Grimes as a (COUNTER REVOLUTIONIST) and was he was a PRA soldier under Cde.

Maurice Bishop and the New Jewel Movement?

Those maligning and malicious statements can only lead to a lawsuit for Defamation, Slander and Libel.

The Professional Agitator

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