Is Ewart Layne of good character?

Thank you for putting the Ewart Layne scandal on your front page on Friday, October 5th.

The unthinkable is happening. It is not only that a Bishop Killer is going to be allowed to become a lawyer, but another side of this person who was widely known as “Headache” during the revolution, aka Lieutenant-Colonel Ewart Layne of the People’s Revolutionary Army, is that he personally carried out the most sickeningly cruel tortures of a great many Grenadians, as has been well documented.

It will suffice to draw the attention of your readers to only one of these horrifying acts, carried out on Winston Simon of Tivoli, aka “Broko”.

The following is an extract from a “Statement by Winston Simon of Tivoli, St. Andrew’s:

“TO: His Excellency, The Governor General, Sir Paul Scoon

FROM: Christopher Williams, Member of Advisory Council,

DATE: May 14th 1984.”

“Layne then took hold of my balls took a razor blade and began slicing them. While he was cutting me up Redhead was pouring pepper water on the cuts. Salt water was also poured on the cuts. Apart from cutting the balls the foreskin of the penis was cut and slight cuts on the penis were also made. Salt water and pepper water were poured on the penis.

While this exercise was going on Randy Bobb was continually beating my head with the butt of his pistol. My head was bursted in six or seven places as a result. There was much blood in the cell. They then put me outside the cell.”

I have copied it as it was written. This excerpt reveals only a few of the things Layne and others did to Simon on that day. It is amazing that he could live through it. The Redhead referred to is Lester Redhead, aka “Goat”.

It is not just for his part in Bishop’s murder that Layne should never be allowed to be a lawyer but because for years his sadistic nature caused unspeakable agony and injury to many of his victims.

Winston Simon never fully recovered from the damage Layne inflicted upon his body and Simon died a few years ago in his late 50s.

In her judgement of December 20th, 2013, Justice Margaret Price-Findlay spoke of the need for a barrister to be of good character, otherwise barristers could get a bad name. If it should be decided that Ewart Layne is of good character then the Grenada Bar Association must be rotten at its heart.

Fitzroy Louison

Editor’s Note: THE NEW TODAY is aware of this documentation as stated above as Layne was indeed charged for the offence of causing harm to Simon but the case was apparently never pursued by the State which concentrated on the murder charge that was slapped on him for the October 19, 1983 mass killings on Fort Rupert.

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