Do better Anande Trotman-Joseph!!!

I have noticed “prominently displayed” on page 3 of your Newspaper of Sept.14th. a release from the Chairman of the Integrity Commission one “LADY ANANDE TROTMAN-JOSEPH”.

Mr. Editor, can you please enlighten the public who this alleged LADY, Chair of the Integrity Commission is? Since when has Mrs. Trotman-Joseph, become “Lady Anande”?

It’s an appellation that she seems to SOOO enjoy, and many Grenadians are fooled into thinking she is entitled. She certainly is not!

Let us begin with “Sir Lawrence” to the best of my knowledge he is not a Knight of The Realm. The British Court, from which these Titles emanate. The same British Court, that “Sir Lawrence” now so frequently decries and exhorts us to abandon in his zeal to have us “join” the CCJ.

This is the same Court from which he exhorts us “to break the chains of Colonialism”, and to be Independent. Really “Sir Lawrence”?

Why the goodly Doctor choose not bestow a “real” Knighthood on you, rather than a “Cocoa and Nutmeg Knighthood” is anyone’s guess. Had you been bestowed with a “REAL”

Knighthood, your spouse would be entitled to be addressed as follows: On envelopes, as Lady Joseph; in a letter as Madam or Dear Lady Joseph; orally as My Lady, or Lady Joseph.

Perhaps the ‘Cocoa and Nutmeg” Knighthood has a different protocol, in which case this information should be made public. It has NOT!.

Had Mrs. Joseph been made a Lady (of the order of the Garter, or Thistle) for her own personal achievements, then and only then, would she be entitled to be addressed as; on envelopes, Lady Anande Trotman-Joseph; in a letter as, Madam or Lady Anande; orally as My Lady or Lady Anande.

Let us preserve the ‘Integrity” of the British System of Honours, it is after all theirs, not ours!

If we want to establish our own system of Honours there is nothing wrong with that. But should be copying our Colonial Masters to preen ourselves like Peacocks on one hand, and decrying them the next as it suits us?

I am reminded of the late Dr. Allister Hughes, who refused a British Honour because he believed in what he called “Pan-West Indianism”, but we never Honoured him.

Perhaps all those Queens Counsel and QC aspirants should follow Dr. Hughes? Their names ring loud!

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