Open letter to PM Mitchell

Dear Prime Minister,

I have seen in the media your expression of surprise at goings on at the state-owned Marketing & National Importing Board. I have heard your promise to hold a public enquiry and to “let the chips fall where they will”.

I remind you that this State Enterprise falls directly under the responsibility of your Ministry. You are the Line Minister, this is your direct responsibility, you cannot avoid it and you should not be spending your Political Capital protecting anyone.

You must “let the chips fall where they will”, or by extension you will be implicated in this scandal of “alleged” impropriety, corruption, and nepotism.

Do you really wish to be? Should your name be “alleged to be associated with yet another scandal”?

Will you give the Opposition yet another reason to call you out? Will you allow this disgrace to be added to your Legacy, and so needlessly?

Would anyone question the “integrity” of Mrs. Anande Trotman-Joseph?

Would Mr. Robinson allow his good reputation to be dragged into the mud?

Prime Minister, you said there will be a Public Enquiry, and so there must be one. A “private” enquiry by the Integrity Commission, riddled with “Politically Exposed Persons” (PEPS) is a sham and will only be seen as such.

Prime Minister, a “private enquiry” just like the enquiry into the Panorama fiasco amounts to so much “political interference” into Judicial Matters that you completely undermine your much touted “Political non-interference” of the Caribbean Court of Justice.

Prime Minister, if you cannot let Justice be, in such a small matter, why in Hell do you think that I/we can trust your “MUCH BIGGER” promise of non-interference in the CCJ?

Prime Minister… you speak with forked tongue, SO I AM NOT TRUSTING YOU HERE OR WITH THE CCJ……. EITHER !!!

Farmer Brown

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