Madness in Ministry of Works

Honorable Gregory Bowen,
Minister of Works,
Ministerial Complex,
St George.

4th September, 2018.

Dear Sir,

I write you as I am concerned about Mr John St Louis. Mr St Louis, given his sensitive position at the Ministry of Works, unfortunately doesn’t seem to possess what it apparently takes to comprehend the importance of constitutional rights, accountability and mandated service.

As it relates to the Supreme Law of the land, our citizens’ fundamental right to work (1.1.d), Mr. St Louis, continuously appears to minimise his responsibility as a senior public servant to facilitate the necessary service.

I fear as he has been entrusted with such incredible amounts of various and immense responsibilities, the gentleman’s judgement is now significantly unconventional.

The expected avenues to be implemented by Mr St Louis, even to provide a simple bus zone sticker, has been neglected by him; there is no fixed date to issue a zone sticker, even though it has been known to be done usually once per month.

For the entire month of August no zone stickers have been issued and no excuse has been given. Can you imagine passports being applied for and issued by Immigration once per month or not at all with no excuse?

Privately owned public transportation plays a crucial role in our economy. Furthermore, being a bus driver is a job that must be given equal respect as others; it allows some of our citizens to earn an honest income, pay bills and provide for families.

Mr St Louis is apparently never in office as far as I am aware, resulting in much lack of service to the taxpayer which is totally unacceptable. It continues to baffle me as on many occasions I have been told Mr St Louis is the only person that can make decisions for many of the services that ought to be provided by the failing Ministry, even in his absence.

I am humbly requesting that Mr St Louis’ workload be evenly distributed throughout the office as it is clear to me that it is overwhelming for the gentleman and unnecessarily frustrating for the taxpayer.

Mr St Louis doesn’t seem to be appreciative of this. Considering the ridiculously high taxes we pay to our government, I am positive taxpayers do not expect to be continuously ambushed by the precedent of delayed services. We expect both our tax receivers and taxpayers to be treated fairly.

P.S. When the PS, SAO and Mr St Louis are:

i. Sent to workshops simultaneously

ii. Absent
Please provide a substitute to head the affairs of the Ministry!! Let common sense prevail!

Earl J. Maitland

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