What an embarrassment!!!

Let me state categorically that I am a foundation member and supporter of the New National Party (NNP) since the days of H.A Blaize.

Our party really came to life when the Doc took over the leadership from Blaize.

It was people like Dr. Lawrence Joseph and Grace Duncan who stood alongside Dr. Mitchell when Blaize and his cronies like Ben Jones and George Mc Guire tried to turn back the tide for change.

I did not like what was done to Sister Grace by the Doc as he dumped her after calling him “a little boy” but that is now history.

Dr. Joseph continued to soldier along with the Doc over the years. But I am afraid that he is now turning out to be an embarrassment for our party and government.

My daughter who is a lawyer told me that she had to hide her face in shame when Dr. Joseph in his capacity as Acting Attorney-General addressed the Special sitting of the high court to pay tribute to the late attorney-at-law, Mr. Ashley Bernadine.

She told me that the AG was an embarrassment to the NNP government and PM Mitchell as he was way off the mark in his address.

My daughter said that she looked in the direction of Lady Anande Trotman-Joseph, the wife of Dr. Joseph and sensed that she herself looked to be somewhat embarrassed by the things that the man was saying in this kind of setting.

I did not only rely on the version of my daughter but called another lawyer friend of mine who I know is a strong supporter of the party and she concurred with the general sentiment.

Why would the AG use this setting to address those who criticise he and his wife about conflict of interest? This is the wrong place for that kind of address.

I was not at the special sitting for the late Magistrate Lloyd St. Louis but I heard and verily believe that AG Joseph was again disappointing in his address on behalf of the public bar.

Doc, the man is getting on in age and showing signs of losing it. I am now beginning to question the kind of legal advice that Dr. Joseph is giving to the Cabinet as its principal legal advisor.

It is time for him to go into retirement and make way for a much younger and brighter lawyer in government service.

My Prime Minister is astute enough to know when to make a move and get better for the country.

It is a pity that young Dwight Horsford has decided to look at greener pastures as most lawyers have been telling me that he is a very bright young man and it is very sad that the country would be losing him.

Doc, please do us a favour by whispering in the ears of Dr. Joseph that he must fake a sick any time that he is invited as AG to deliver any address at special sittings of the court to avoid another major embarrassment to us.

Back in the days of the Soviet Union, when you heard that the Communist leader is sick and contracted a cold you know that it meant leadership change.It is time for Dr. Joseph to get the cold and move out as our AG in the interest of our party and government.


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