Response to “A Message for Atheists to Consider”

You point to the peace treaty signed by Ethiopia and Eritrea as a sign that the world is saying “Peace and Security” and that this indicates that we are in the time of the end.

The problem is that you cannot point to a prophecy that has no time frame and any likelihood of happening as being proof of a God. Of course, the bible says we do not know when it will come, because if they were to put a timeline on it there would be a way to disprove it.

Such as the Jehovah Witnesses prophecy that armageddon would come in 1914. Since then they had to revise it to be the start of the end instead of the actual end.

I could “prophesy” that there will be earthquakes in California in the near future. That does not mean I have divine power.

There are peace treaties constantly being signed throughout history.

In 1919, the Treaty of Versailles ended what we now call World War I.

At the time that was the biggest war and everybody would have said “peace and security” after the treaty and would have been more accurate since this war was global whereas the Ethiopia and Eritrea treaty is localised. But, as we know today, WWI was not the last global war.

The other problem is the bible says both peace and war are signs of the ends. So again, no matter what is happening in the world you can pick and choose a scripture that supports your argument. Mathew 24:7 (NWT link to ) says that “Nation will rise against nation … there will be food shortages and earthquakes in one place after another”.

Before the treaty you could have used this scripture to point at Ethiopia and Eritrea at war as a sign of the end.

You say, “How could the Bible mention nearly 2,000 years in advance that the nations will talk of “peace and security”? I say that it can apply at any time and does not mean anything other than the writers were clever enough to leave it open to interpretation.

I wish you would consider this as you continue to study the bible and investigate the possibility that Jehovah is not real and that you should cultivate relationships with the people around you, not an ancient mythical book.

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