The illegal bar on the plaza

On Sunday, July 22nd, our Government was hard at work patching holes on the Carenage. Undoubtedly, we are trying to present a good impression to all who returned to vote, and having done their bit to ensure the progress continues, will come back to wine down the place.

It is noteworthy however, that the largest volume of Bitumen left on the Carenage roadway, somehow managed to create a ramp in the vicinity of a “Bar” illegally squatting on the Public Space known as the Pedestrian Plaza. Said Plaza provided to the people of Grenada via the generosity of US AID.

It is public knowledge that the operator of said bar is a STRONG supporter of the Peoples Representative, and so it seems he has carte blanche’.

Of course, precedent was set a few years ago when a similar ramp was made to facilitate the Roll on Roll off vessels that cause 99% of the congestion on the Carenage.

By the way, does the operator of this illegal bar on the plaza have a licence to sell liquor and may I ask – where is the toilet on the premises for the cater for the customers?

And some of you say Government NOT working???

Take Keet !!!!

Keep Moving

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