Open letter to Tobias Clement

Hon. Tobias Clement,

There are far worse thing than receiving $1171.72 per sitting in the lower house. Please allow me to enlighten you on a few.

– Being insultingly underpaid as a nurse, doctor or other hospital staff.

– Waiting to be attended to in the General Hospital for many hours as it’s understaffed.

– Not being able to get proper medical attention at the hospitals or medical stations as they barely have the necessities.

– Patty Williams being injured while on duty as a nurse and refused compensation by the government.

– Paul Martin Noel “legally” thrown off his land for four (4) year and counting.

– Curtis Thomas being victimised by RGPF officers.

– Being wrongfully detained/ imprisoned.

– The Office of the Ombudman, Integrity Commission, Public Service Commission.

– Paying high taxes to a government that has forsaken the country.

– Having to drive on roads in such terrible condition it not only damage the vehicles but are undoubtedly dangerous.

– Working for minimum wage and less.

– A government that “legally” captures private lands.

– Being unnecessarily threatened by the Prime Minister’s Head Security

– Being unable to resolve labour issues as the Office of the Labour

Commissioner has been compromised.

– Media workers being threatened and assaulted.

Sir, most importantly, what’s even worse than your situation, is the fact that I live in North East St George and I have to be represented by an MP that has what seems to be no interest in representing the people. He prioritises his selfish needs. How disturbing and frightening is that?

Please pick one of the above mentioned stated instances and “keep that alive”. Look on the bright side, you get to sit in a brand new Parliament Building and make $1200 per sitting. Luckily, you don’t have to work as hard as the road workers!

In addition, you get to collect pension after this for no good reason while there are elderly, less fortunate citizens being told they aren’t entitled.

Keep Moving!!!

Earl J. Maitland

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