Grenada votes against Isreal

I don’t often write but I was compelled to do so after reading a letter sent in by one of your contributors titled “Grenada votes against Israel”.

The vote being the UN General Assembly (UNGA) resolution that criticised President Donald Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. From what I understand the writer did not accept Grenada voting against Israel because we are a Christian nation and the writer is indeed a Christian.

Even If I were to believe we are a Christian nation I would like to ask, does Christianity believe in the dehumanisation of a people or the killing of innocent women and children? Does Christianity believe that only one race of people has a right to self-determination and others don’t? (As declared in the Israeli parliament recently).

Only a few weeks ago a young woman (a nurse) was shot by an Israeli sniper for helping the wounded at the border, should I believe that these are the actions of God’s chosen people? Are you asking the nation to ignore the crimes against the Palestine people because we are a Christian nation?

Let us not forget that the international community does not recognise Israeli sovereignty over east Jerusalem and considers it occupied territory, also the international community considers the establishment of Israeli settlement in the Israeli occupied territory illegal under international law. There are cases where Palestine land owners still have their land deeds.

I applaud the Grenadian government and the ten (10) other Caribbean countries specifically for taking such a courageous stand. I will continue to have the Palestine people and all other oppressed in my thoughts and prayers.


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