Untrue and misleading!!!

Dear Editor

Please allow me to write this short response to comments made by the interview in an article appearing in the July 6 edition of THE NEW TODAY entitled: Earl Maitland still seeking redress on outstanding issue.

Mr. Maitland’s matter was duly investigated by the Office of the Ombudsman as mandated by the Ombudsman Act#24 of 2007. He was informed in a letter dated 31st January 2018 that his case was closed, along with reason for so doing, in keeping with Section 24, sub-sections 3 & 4 of the said Act.

Mr. Maitland was further advised in that letter to consider seeking redress through the legal system. To assert that “nothing basically” was done and he was not informed about the closure of his case is untrue and misleading.

Ronnie Marryshow
Office of the Ombudsman

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