The stooges are dead!!!

I have been reading with interest the last two editorials from your newspaper on the situation involving Olinga, the son of our Prime Minister.

I fully agree with your paper that Dr. Mitchell has big plans for his son to eventually replace him not only as his successor in St. George’s North-West but hopefully as the Political Leader of NNP and the Prime Minister of our beloved country.

As I read the paper, the thing that came to my mind is what Peter and Chess will now be thinking with Dr. Mitchell springing Olinga onto the political scene.

Chess and the other stooges like the dottish former magistrate and Hamlet were gearing up for Peter to take over NNP after Dr. Mitchell but they now have to sit up and take stock of things.

The Prime Minister has once again demonstrated that he is a consummate user of people in his political gamesmanship.

Poor Peter!!! He is now finally understanding that the Doc has used him and is about to throw him under the bus. This move with Olinga should drive home the message to Peter and Chess that the Doc no longer needs them and see them as political irrelevant to him.

The man now has all the powers in his hand and is untouchable when he has so much power at his disposal. A lot of people will tell you that the Doc does not listen to anyone whenever he gets a 15-0 mandate from the people.

The Doc is moving on and no one can stop him from appointing Olinga as his successor.

The group of NDC opportunists who joined the NNP thought that it was an easy ride to the top in NNP as the likes of Nikky Steele and Emmalin Pierre are no challenge to Peter and his stash of money.

But now enters Olinga in the picture. What a master stroke from the father that blind-sided Peter and Chess. I await the response from these two although I can’t see anything coming from them to challenge the Doc.

The nation is looking on with anxious breaths to see if Peter and Chess and the other NDC rejects can respond to the latest move by the Prime Minister to shut the door in their faces.

It is only a matter of time for Peter and Chess as any wrong move on their part will see the Doc spitting them out after chewing them up politically.

The political graveyard is plentiful of all those who have fallen by the wayside as king Mitchell tramples through the land.

A True Revolutionary

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