So many questions but little or no answers!!!

Lately the Grand Bacolet rehabilitation center has been at the forefront in the public domain with several issues and concerns which need addressing.

This center is an institution which was established with the sole intent to rehabilitate the juveniles and misguided children of our nation but instead there we have abusers and questionable persons leading and guiding them. Could this be one of the many reasons why they reoffend?

On the 6th March 2018 there was an incident of a missing cash kit with some $1,400 plus dollars. Before conducting any investigation, it was alleged that four female members of staff were responsible and were then detained at the Grenville police station for questioning.

It was disclosed that a certain government Permanent Secretary was informed of the incident and she gave a directive to a senior member of staff at the center to call the police as their first form of action. Shouldn’t the police be used as a last resort after any form of in-house investigation was made?

The four female members of staff immediately became suspects and were the only suspects based on information provided to the police by this senior staff member because of personal feelings towards the young women for a crime they didn’t commit.

How is it that the person at the center who is responsible for said monies wasn’t detained?

Upon arrival at the center by police officers attached to the CID department, the four young ladies were searched on the premises with the residents being present.

I wonder what those children were thinking seeing what was being done to someone they are supposed to look up to? Warrants were also issued to search their homes. They were interrogated and without being charged for the crime of a stolen cash kit they were left to spend the night in a cold cell.

One out of the four young ladies was five months pregnant and was denied her medication by one of the police officers while at the station. Where is the human heart?

Was it only one thousand dollars or was there more monies that went missing? Does the senior person at the Bacolet centre know more than is letting out? Why wasn’t an internal investigation carried out? Why weren’t cheques which were donated to the center prior to the funds missing wasn’t added to the figures? Why tarnish the reputation of these innocent young ladies?

Additionally, if that wasn’t enough suffering for the four young ladies being locked up in the cell for the weekend, only to resume work the following week to endure more suffering from their superiors.

I am also told that a certain big lady in the government civil service held a general staff meeting to address the missing funds.

She threatened staff members to not have any conversation about the missing funds to anybody not even amongst themselves or there will be serious repercussions.

Is that the reason for issuing a termination letter to one of the four alleged young ladies? No one was ever found guilty of stealing the cash kit however she was terminated. Why were so many stories formulated about her? What is the real reason for getting rid of one of the hardest workers at Bacolet?

Did she really disrespect a senior member of staff prior to the missing funds? Did she give irrelevant information during the investigation like you said she did? Why get rid of a worker who goes beyond the call of duty – a worker who often did the grave yard shift?

Is that what you meant when you say to staff members: “Y’all need to secure ‘Y’all selves, because at the end of the day the managers stick together”?

Why did that young lady had to take the fall for monies that was the responsibility of someone else ….making her a sacrificial lamb?

If funds go missing, funds that’s in the care of someone else, why throw blame on others? What are these people really hiding? You threaten the poor Imani worker with removal from the program if he was to disclose any information. Who gave you that right? Who give you that authority?

Mr. Prime minister, you made a vow to protect the youths and their jobs, what do you have to say? Why didn’t the minister reach out to those young ladies when they reached out to her for help?

What is the real story behind the missing funds? Did anyone meet with those young ladies who were victimised for a crime they didn’t commit? Why were they not allowed to speak of such a traumatic time in their lives?

This is what happen when you have people fighting for power at the centre – they abuse both residents and their own staff.

Why wasn’t a proper investigation carried out? Why did the police investigation come to a halt?

There is a particular senior person at the centre who needs to explain to the nation why is it the same week the bank reached out regarding outstanding payments that the cash kit went missing? Coincidence? Or not?

So many questions little or no answers.

A citizen of Grenada

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