Four On Murder Charge

Donte Joseph and Tyrell Frederick – are facing the indictable charge of Non-Capital Murder

An altercation between 22-year-old mentally challenged Woburn resident, Bradley Francis and four others resulted in his death last week Monday morning.

Police have since slapped non-capital murder charges against four suspects including three 19-year-old St. George residents for the death due to stabbing.

The suspects who appeared in court last Friday are 19-year-old Woodlands resident, Kendal Stanisclaus, Donte Joseph from Frequente and Tyrell Frederick of Woburn, along with 36-year-old Brendon Gill of Morne Jaloux.

Francis met his unfortunate demise after receiving a stab wound to his back and what appears to be chop wounds to his right shoulders.

Sources told this newspaper that the deceased was armed with both a cutlass and a knife which were later used by his attackers to kill him.

The accused persons were brought before Magistrate Tahira Gellineau in the St. George’s No. 2 Magistrate’s Court where criminal defense attorney Derick Sylvester, who is representing 2 of the murder accused persons, issued a call for members of the public to leave their weapons at home and find better ways to resolve conflict during the festive season and beyond.

Brendon Gill – the oldest of the accused

Attorney Sylvester, who is representing 19-year-old Construction Helper, Tyrell Federick and 36-year-old Shop Keeper Brendon Gill, made the call in making his opening statements to the court.

“I am issuing a call to members of the public to keep their weapons at home because (there is) only one thing that can ensue from the use of weapons,” the longstanding attorney told the court.

His call was echoed by Attorney-at-law Arley Gill, who is providing legal counsel for 19-year-old Donte Joseph.

Attorney Gill urged the “public to deal (resolve conflict) within the parameters of the law.”

The other murder accused 19-year-old Kendal Stanislaus is being represented by Attorney-at-Law Francis Williams.

Kendall Stanisclaus – facing Non-Capital Murder charge after allegedly stabbing Bradley in his back

Information reaching THE NEW TODAY is that Stanisclaus was the one who allegedly drove the knife into Bradley’s back during the physical altercation in which the other accused persons were also involved.

Attorney Sylvester indicated to the court his intention to make a bail application on his client’s behalf, when the matter resumes in court on August 17.

He outlined that his arguments would be based on the premise that the law is not specific when it says the Magistrate cannot grant bail for murder.

“It (the law) says you can’t grant bail for murder but it does not say that the Magistrate cannot grant bail for Non- capital murder,” he declared.

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