The man with the midas touch

How many of you recall the song WAIST IN THE STADIUM? It was sung in 2003 by Garry Williams. Ever wondered where he is now, or what he’s doing? Well… read on!!

On Monday last it was my girlfriend’s birthday and her husband and I decided to surprise her with a trip to Grenville via St George’s.

Whilst strolling along Ben Jones street a downpour made us seek refuge in a regular looking roadside shop with a sign that said D COZY COVE BAR.

On entry we were pleasantly surprised to find that the drinks were sold at a very competitive price, even a bit better than some places in the heart of St George’s! Not only was there a decent and functioning washroom, but the fans spinning overhead were WORKING and there was even A/C available!!!

It gets better! I saw a sign depicting a particular beverage. I had seen the same sign on display at several leading establishments in ‘town’, but each time I requested one I was told it was new and not in stock at the moment. Lo and behold, this kindly gentleman strolled in, saw me looking at the picture and enquired whether I would like to sample one.

Of course, I answered in the affirmative, whereupon he stepped behind the counter and came back with a very cold bottle, firmly refusing to accept the money I proffered!!

Upon learning that we were visitors celebrating a birthday, he immediately ordered the barman to bring us two rounds of drinks on the house. He took us on a tour of the establishment, inclusive of a large games room, then sat and chatted a while with us. It was then we discovered we were in the presence of the owner of the business … none other than Mr Garry Williams.

Yes siree!!

Altogether, it was an afternoon well spent and we came away with the firm promise to return time and again, one which we intend to keep. I have since been mulling over a few facts which I just had to share.

Firstly, I was struck by the humble attitude of this goodly gentleman. Clearly, he is not ‘pennywise pound foolish’. He understands the value of good customer service and is obviously leading his staff by example. Had we not probed, we would have had no inkling that he was the owner.

Next, I was impressed by the fact that what he displayed, he had in stock. A VERY CRUCIAL aspect of any business. I also remember when we jokingly said all he needed now was to be serving food to become a ‘one stop shop’, his response spoke volumes. He had actually considered with the idea, but declined out of consideration for the restaurant next door…

To quote him ‘everybody has to eat a food’!! It was such a refreshing experience to have met such a gentleman. His customer service is so unique and I daresay many others can do themselves a favour by taking a page from his book.

Some folks are simply ‘to the manner born’, everything they do is done successfully. It is said that if everything you touch turns to gold then you must have the Midas Touch.

For those of you who have never been to this Bar, the next time you’re in Grenville, take yourself to the D COZY COVE on Ben Jones Street. There you will find, waiting to welcome you with a ready smile and open arms, Garry Williams, the MAN WITH THE MIDAS TOUCH!!!

P. Gairy

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