Grenada votes against Israel

I am writing in response to President Donald Trump’s resolution to the United Nations declaring Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel in December 2017. There was a Vote on the UN resolution to my surprise.

If we curse Israel, we will be cursed. Grenada voted against President Trump‘s resolution – the Government voted against God’s chosen people Israel. Grenada is a Christian Nation. The Bible says, if we bless we will be blessed.

During the reign of the Gairy regime, Grenada voted for Israel and supported Israel. Under the NDC Government, when Minister Carl Hood was Foreign Minister, he voted for Israel. The talk spread all around that he did not know his Bible. How could he have voted against God’s people after hearing him say he is a soldier for Christ in the political arena?

In my opinion, Grenada did receive financial assistance from an Arab country and Qatar promised Mr. Tillman Thomas to build a five star Hotel in Grenada. He was voted out of office before it materialised.

I am calling on the pastors and churches in Grenada to advise the NNP Government to change their voting pattern towards Israel because they voted against Israel.

In this present administration, we have some Christians including Senator Garraway, Hon. Delma Thomas, MP Emmalin Pierre – they must advise whoever the government is sending in the future to vote on the issues in Israel’s interest in the UN.

Sen. Garraway was the right one to send last year. He would have voted in favour of Israel or he would have abstained or go to the toilet until casting of votes was finished. Senator Garraway did go into the toilet to hide when the NNP Government was voting on legalising Casino Gambling.

I am a concerned Christian citizen and I am giving my views on spiritual matters. I am calling other Christians to address spiritual matters as well. When we bless God’s people everyone will benefit.

We do not have to follow other Caribbean Countries. We are not twins. Jamaica and Trinidad abstained, St. Kitts and Nevis and St. Lucia did not attend to vote.

My conclusion is we have to pray about future resolutions concerning Israel.

Concerned Christian

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