What Education means to me!!!

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

This statement has motivated me to look at my present situation as well as how society views education. I have come to realise that education is one of the main means of getting mankind out of poverty.

Many persons do not view education as an investment due to the fact that much time is wasted at schools and colleges while attempting to gain an education.

I am a member of a single parent family and life is very challenging. My dad is not a Grenadian, he left Grenada when I was just a baby, six months to be exact. I am now eleven years old and I have not had the love and guidance of a father. Sometimes I feel heart broken and envious of other students who live with both parents.

I watch my mother struggle to make ends meet from time to time. My mother makes the necessary sacrifices for me to attend school every day. She would give me her last dollar and do without. There are days when she cries when the pressure is too much to bear. I would tell her not to worry about anything because God is in-charge and everything will be fine.

I recently sat the 2018 CPEA Exam and was successful placing in the first 300. This is the first step in showing my mom I value the investment she is making in my future. I have goals and I am working diligently to achieve them. It is my desire to acquire basic skills and values to be able to achieve my goals. I must pay attention in class, do homework, be courteous and obedient and have a positive attitude towards new challenges.

I would like to be a pediatrician so that I can serve the children in my community free of cost. I want to ensure that they are healthy and can attend school every day to gain an education. This job can also help me assist my mom and build a future for myself.

I also considered becoming a psychologist. I want to work with vulnerable, misguided young men to encourage them to be more responsible in raising their children. If they are more responsible then the burden will not fall on the mothers only.

I would also like to spend time counselling unfortunate children like myself who grew up without a father and helping them to turn their lives around.

Victor Hugo said, “He who opens a door, closes a prison.” That’s what I aim to do.

Marin Luther King Jr said, “Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education.”

I believe that education goes along with discipline. With God on my side, dedication and strength of character I trust that I will achieve my goals to make my family, my school, my village and country a better one.

Amira Ogilvie

Editor’s Note: Amira is a former student of The Corinth Government School, who was successful in the 2018 CPEA exam and would be attending the St. Joseph’s Convent St. George in September.

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