Noise Pollution in LaSagesse

Grenada has an updated Noise Pollution Act of 2016. It exists on the books but rarely enforced.

The Constitution of Grenada indicates that all Laws must be enforced uniformly to all: interpreted as, nationals and non-nationals, white or black, rich or poor, donors or receivers, investors or non-investors.

Active construction is occurring on lands, located between the playing field and LaSagesse Nature Center, owned by the Government of Grenada. My observation indicates preformed residences and storage to be the predominant components. Subject to correction, the construction is ancillary to the building of low-income housing in nearby Corinth, by the Chinese Government/private Chinese contractor.

Grenada is a developing country, and we welcome and say thanks for all aid given to us. This aid, however, should not be at the expense of our environment and health.

A large generator of electricity is operating on site, in the open air, 24 hours a day. This equipment is emitting a massive amount of noise in an area surrounded by residential homes.

I am living more than a mile away, and the sound is deafening. I pity those living on the doorstep of the noise maker. Being poor is not a reason for the loss of their constitutional right.

It is my opinion that the generator should be in an enclosed insulated building.

The next matter is human waste disposal. LaSagesse beach is near the construction area.

I am calling on the responsible agency/ices to urgently inspect the referenced site and order immediate rectification of the noise pollution and ensure safe, adequate human waste disposal without possible contamination of the LaSagesse beach.

Winston Mitchell
Resident of LaSagesse

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