Future of nutmeg industry

The following letter can seen as a report about the bi-annual General Meeting of the Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association held on May 30th 2018 at the National Stadium.

Also included are my suggestions for the New Board of Directors and my new Road map for the way forward for this “Grenada Nutmeg” industry which services almost more than one third of Grenada’s population.

Several decisions were reached and it is hoped that the new Board members not leave everything to the Chairman of the Board.

Some of the suggestions include:-

(1) That the GCNA would be changed to a “Co-operative” governed by the existing Grenada Co-operative Act where all members of the Cooperative would own a share of the Association and dividends would be distributed to all members.

(2) That two cents be deducted from each pound of Grenada Nutmegs and Mace bought from members and this money be used to start a Nutmeg Bonus Account for providing a Christmas Bonus every year.

These monies can be managed by the National Insurance Scheme ( NIS).

(3) That the GCNA now begin to operate as a Commercial Business driven to make profit. This means that the GCNA sell ALL or almost all of the Grenada Nutmegs, Mace and Pods as value added products to end users; even in some cases handling spice Blends to End users that now manufacture Sausages, sweet Biscuits, Bitters, and other end products in the Caribbean, Europe, North & South America, and China.

Although there was no report on the investment to send persons to Europe and earlier to selected Caribbean islands so that these officers would now know all major companies that buy our value added nutmegs, mace and nutmeg pods. This would allow us to receive Five to Ten times what we receive for Nutmegs in “Crocus” bags.

(4) That GCNA would change from the primary Processing of Grenada Nutmegs to Secondary processing of all Grenada nutmegs either as ground nutmegs in bulk and Nutmeg oil, oleoresins and aquaresins including Nutmeg Fat that can give up to three to four times the value of the Grenada nutmeg seed and the additional value can be passed on to members of the cooperative.

This can be done by Joint Venture relationship with existing processors in Europe and in North America;

(5) That the GCNA convince every person in Grenada that Grenada Nutmeg is a FOOD and should meet The Hazzard Analysis Critical Control Points (HAACCP), Food Safety Manufacturing Association ( FSMA) and Standard Operating Procedures along the Value chain. This would mean developing the plant at Gouyave, Grenville, Beaulieu and Lagoon Road.

Finally, the Board must do a SWOT Analysis followed by a Cost/Benefit Analysis on all decisions reached.

Once these are followed the future of the Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association will be bright.

If there are any questions please advise.

Dr. E.Reginald Buckmire

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