Better deal for St Patrick students!!!

TAMCC students from the country especially the parish of St. Patrick’s are at a serious disadvantage and have always been.

I am referring to those who have no family or friend who can accommodate them in or close to the town of St. George.

Imagine having to travel twenty miles in two directions daily. If the roads were straight, no problem. But on a roller coaster drive on speeding, noisy buses which stop dozens of times along the way, it’s not easy.

Talk about mental exhaustion! They have it. How many buses must they change before reaching their destination? What a financial drain on the pockets of their poor parents! What about lateness?

The records will speak for themselves. What about food? Do we think that these students have any money to buy food after paying the buses, or do they have time to cook when they must leave home so early?

So, in light of all this I am suggesting that the Government look seriously at constructing dormitories, both male and female, equipped with kitchens and cooks, libraries, computers and other facilities for needy students from the distant outer Parishes.

All those things can be done at an affordable cost.

Jennifer Andall

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