As the guns are blazing, I am afraid bullets might hit the wrong village in Grenada

The guns are blazing! I am afraid bullets might hit the wrong village!

Is silence really the code, as the gunshots start blazing in Grenada? Where are the voices that we used to hear talking politics and about good things they visualised for the country? Where are the lawyers and politicians who know the criminals and the potential criminals in the making? How can we silence the guns and defeat the gunmen?

Nobody is asking where the guns are coming from as gun violence is on the rise. They are not asking who the suppliers of the guns and bullets are. But it is not a surprise that they are not asking those questions.

They will not ask and they cannot ask. Politicians are men, women, intellectuals, business people, Christians, atheists, hustlers, and con-artists. They are human beings too.

The guns are blazing! Young men full of testosterone and no idea of a life for tomorrow but only care about living today are firing their guns at each other as the underground world surfaces in our face.

They want quick money. They want it now! So, they are fearless. They are careless and they have no remorse because they are young and stupidly energetic.

They are just the opposite of a beautiful woman who puts her beauty over her brains.

The guns are blazing because some of our best-educated minds don’t have a long-term vision. They are short-sighted. Now the weak ones are asking for prayers. They are saying let us pray. But in my opinion, I am asking! Pray for what? What prayers can do? I have never seen prayers move mountains. I always see that common sense makes a big difference.

Now the guns are blazing! I am afraid that the gunfire bullets might light up the wrong village and then things might fall apart! Yes, things can fall apart easily if the government refuses to control the borders and hold serious dialogue with neighbouring countries where some leaders turn blind eyes to criminal activities and deviant behaviour, in order to consolidate their political power and to install their dynasty.

In addition, about a year ago, I remember telling a young Grenadian fellow that criminal lawyers are not their friend and he disagreed with me. I told him that lawyers make their living as operators of the legal system.

A week later I saw the young man again and he told me that, when he thought about what I told him, I was right. Then I gave him some examples of lawyers I know who fought cases free of cost for accused persons just to enhance their popularity because they had political ambition to become political leaders of Grenada.

Yes, the guns are blazing in Grenada and the vast majority of the population is not happy with such a trend. The older folks did not grow up in a gun violence culture; therefore, it is a culture shock for them. Other citizens are angry and they are waiting on those with state power and authority to curb the violence.

In addition, there are citizens who might get angry and take the law into their own hands if the violence continues because not all Caribbean countries’ citizens react to violence in the same manner. For example, we must take into consideration that Grenada had three revolutions where blood was shed when citizens were dissatisfied with the system. Blood was shed during the Fedon rebellion, the Gairy revolution and the New Jewel Movement revolution.
Basically, why I am saying that the guns are blazing in Grenada is because I do not want to see the violence spread nationwide, as it has become part of the norm in some Caribbean countries, where citizens have to make themselves prisoners in their own homes. Presently, in Grenada we are not prisoners in our homes. We are free to go where we want 24 hours a day.

In the past years, growing up in Grenada the majority of citizens were poor and materialism was not the main craving. There was village togetherness and local entertainment. Nowadays it is mostly foreign ghetto music that young people are playing, without them really understanding that the lyrics in the songs they gravitate to are literature. They do not know that music is food for the soul and if they feed the soul with violent music, they will become violent too.

Additionally, there are some citizens who are just sitting down quietly and watching what is going on but they are not willing to give their opinion publicly, but when folks like myself and others who have the courage to give our opinion openly make our contribution by writing articles and letters to newspapers, these same folks who are sitting quietly and pretending that they are neutral, will say all kinds of negative things about us for no good reason.

However, I expect them to criticise me for saying that the guns are blazing in Grenada. But the truth is the truth and silence cannot solve the problem. The church leaders cannot solve the problem by telling us to close our eyes and pray. The only ones who can solve the problem are we the people, if we can come together and disarm those gunmen. We did it in the past by removing oppressive regimes with people’s power. We cannot wait for one village to get angry, before we stop the guns from blazing.

Hudson George

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