A prayer for my nation

Father hear my prayer!

I want to say a prayer to the Lord for my Nation Oh Father! Oh Father!

I want to prayer for the PM to turn back to GOD Because with lack of guidance a Nation falls, But victory is won through many advisors

Living conditions are so terrible for the citizens of this country.
Youth are qualified but yet there is nothing for them to do.
Lord you know the Devil always have work for idle hands

Stop our land from being sold to foreigners from right under our feet.
Lord we are seeing lots of action but no progress
Remove the sin of Political Correctness which is substituted for Spiritual Correctness

Lord, remove the Leaders, Teachers and Influences who have taken our Nation of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique to its present direction.

Raise up a new Media
Remove those who have tried to shape our Nation in their own image rather than yours
Father, bless our Leaders who love and follow you
And by loving you, love your people and respecting our Country.
Depose and dismiss those who don’t or won’t.

Please remove Tyrants and Godless men and women from heads of Government all around the world.
Father defeat the strongholds of the Principalities and Powers over this present darkness.
Bring in the Kingdom of Light.

Release us by the Blood of Jesus into the ineffable freedom of the Son of God.
Thank you for giving us our lives in Christ
We stand with you to reign with Christ until all your enemies are under your feet.

Defeat the Demonic Hordes once and for all.
Bring the world to your Throne of Mercy and love
Destroy evil wherever you find it



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