The case for Mr. Burke

It would be normal and correct in a traditional Democracy that the “Party Leader” take responsibility for the failures of that Party in Elections, and do “the correct thing” and step down, or at least offer to do so. In a “normal and traditional Democracy” Mr. Nazim Burke should take responsibility for the NDC’s failure.

However, let us not be fooled. There was nothing “normal or traditional” about Grenada’s last two General Elections. Without belabouring the point, the 2013 elections were lost amidst a staggering National Debt, which the NDC was NOT responsible for, a crippling global recession and vicious deception and treachery from within.

Admittedly the NDC performed poorly, was weak and unwilling to impose draconian IMF prescribed remedies. For this the Electorate punished them, and drank wholeheartedly of the propaganda of “Free Tablets, and Freeness”. To be fair, many of them received their Freeness and seemed amply satisfied. (Note: No free Tablets, which by now every child expected).

In the 2018 election, they ignored the reality that Foreign Authoritarian Regimes, Foreign Investors, vested interests, self-serving “conflict of interest greedy”, politically exposed persons and numerous questionable individuals provided cash, Housing Schemes, and weapons to support the developing dictatorship of Papa Doc.

They care not that the National Debt is now a National Secret, or that the usual band of sycophants and stooges are in a mad race to “suck up, brown nose, and plain ole kiss ass”, enthusiastically supported by the “newcomers” to the Party.

That voters were “bribed” or induced was left to the OAS Observer Mission to note, and as long as volumes of cash, “wood fa wood” and fete are assured, “we know, we like it so”!

And now a long list of pundits, stooges and party hacks, ably assisted by Winston Strachan have become Philosophers calling for Mr. Burke’s proverbial head. Everyone stop right there. Does anyone remember in 2003 the PRA Captain David was Papa Doc’s public enemy #1.

Dr. Mitchell was never challenged by Captain David when he accused him of issuing threats to his father. That video recently made the rounds again on social media to no denials. In the absence of denial what should one conclude?

It is well known that Mr. David (SR) spent the period October 19th to 25th in hiding at a friend’s house in Springs but like the rest of the Nation, no doubt he too feared for his life. Some say that ‘Pedro” has rebranded and been absorbed (allegedly “bought”) along with the likes of Senator Humphrey and other Stooges, but there remains Mr. Burke.

With limited resources, a fractured party still hurting from deception at the hands of former Comrades, Mr. Burke was able to muster the support of large numbers of Grenadians. Stooges repeat the NNP mantra that Burke should go without thought. But there is nothing “normal” about our situation.

Mr. Burke should not go and leave the NDC struggling to find a new Leader woefully unprepared to challenge NNP’s much vaunted “Green machine” in the next election. To do so would be to play NNP’s narrative. It’s precisely what Papa Doc wants. No!! Mr. Burke is the clear and present danger to Papa Doc and the stooges and Kleptomaniacs.

Mr. Burke, success is never assured, but you are on a learning journey, which has just begun. Hang in there, and be the thorn in the sides of those who see you as a clear and present danger to their nefarious schemes of fortune, fame and easy living, off the backs of the poor and exposed.

Hawk Eye

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