Much have been said about the results of the last general election of March 13th,2018.

The Grenada Christian Political Party (GCPP) is saying its bit also. The defeat of the NDC at that general election amounts to the strongest of rebukes the NDC has ever gotten. It was a rebuke to the Evangelical and Pentecostal churches, etc also, some of whose hypocritical leaders and members voted, and ignored GCPP calls and appeals to them for support and boycott of this mark of the beast and 666, giving election.

For the second consecutive time and third time overall, the NDC was defeated losing all 15 seats to the NNP.

The previous years these defeats took place were in 1999, 2013 and now in 2018.

Never such an election defeat and whitewash has ever occurred in the world in living memory, and on three different occasions.

It’s a defeat of disgrace and disqualification for the NDC. The NDC should have called for a boycott of the election based on all the alleged wrongdoings they said NNP was committing.

They would have been able to walk around guiltless, with a chip on their shoulders. But instead their heads are bowed in shame. If they still have the gall, and testicular fortitude to remain in politics and be of any relevance.

In order to rebuild going forward, they will have to repent, reconstruct, rebrand and reideologise. Probably they should join GCPP as they all should on condition, because GCPP has the truth.

The NDC is more gullible and quick to accept and implement the international community evil plans and programs than the NNP, although they are both into it.

A classical example is the Multi Purpose Identification (MPID) system wherein you obtain your voter’s and national ID card, or mark of the beast today. They said it was the OAS that asked them to set up that system.

After they won a convincing victory in the 2008 general election, of 11 seats to them and 4 seats to the NNP, they then removed a system that was flawless, and they won by with a system, that gives the Grenadian people the mark of the beast. What a horror!

Shameful and disgraceful.

Image the last of the debates for political parties, sponsored by Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN) and St. George University (SGU) before the election of which the NNP was not a part, and I believe it’s because of alleged corrupt and non-transparent governance practices on their part, that they don’t want to be questioned at that level.

At the last debate for the leaders of the political parties of which Mr. Nazim Burke was the debater for the NDC, Mr.Ambrose Phillip, the moderator, his very first question to those leaders was a question that asked them -what makes a good leader or what will make them a good leader?

The answers those four leaders gave showed their ungodliness, voidness of God, ignorance and lack of God’s perspective.

They said what made a leader is influence, self reliance, and careing. In response to their nonsensical answers, Mr.Phillip gave a quote from someone who said and was widely accepted then, that Moses was the greatest leader, because he had a direct line of communication with God to lead the people.

In other words Moses had the God perspective and that’s still the key today. You can’t leave God out! None of the other leaders from the other political parties including NNP, have the God perspective, and the direct line of communication with God, but the leader of GCPP.

He approaches politics from a biblical perspective and has a born again experience, by accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and saviour. Therefore, he is qualified and accepted by Almighty God to rule Grenada today.

The others deeds, and ignorance of God disqualifies them. They are really qualified by Satan to rule Grenada thus endangering the souls, peace, safety, security and prosperity of Grenada and its people today.
Destruction and hell lies with them. That’s the truth people, and where we are today with them. They are giving you the people the mark of the beast. I would go further to say that you voted in support of the mark of the beast on March 13th, 2018.

You are sealing Grenada’s destiny for hell, Rev.14;9-11.But there is repentance, Rev. 16;9+11. Almighty God wants our leaders and people to truly repent as a nation today, more than ever before because of 666.

He wants a government that will destroy the mark of the beast from Grenada and abolish carnival. Introducing righteousness and ending unrighteousness and standing up for Israel. Too much ungodly communists in the NNP and NDC – people who are double minded, and don’t know what they believe in anymore. Probably money!

Dr.Mitchell, beware! Time is short because of the last prophecy being fulfilled right now that being the mark of the beast;Rev.13;16-18.

The Grenada government therefore must lead the people in preparing to meet Almighty God, and that comes only through true national repentance, and holiness by all. That’s Almighty God true assignment for any government ruling Grenada today.

Do it Mr. Prime Minister, along with your ministers, it could be your last chance to rescue your souls. This is about your souls, and leaving the truest legacy. Don’t you all, value your souls? Then fight for it regardless of the cost, because your soul is your greatest treasure, and it’s in danger.

Thank you and God bless you all. Amen.

Derick Sealey
Grenada Christian Political party

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