Be like the busman!!!

I was sitting in office today when this thought came to mind. We often criticise “Bus men” and condemn their hazardous road ethics – especially along the Grand Anse route. However, if we look closely we could really learn a thing or two from the hustle.

Upon thinking about it some more, I concluded and said to myself, “Wow, I need to have a bus man mentality”. Here is why we should aspire to have a “bus man” mentality.

· There’s always room/ “De Bus Always Empty”:

Never be satisfied, there’s always room for growth, there’s always new things to learn. Just when you think you can’t go anymore, you can always pull out the “sponge”.

· Be observant/ “Look a man coming thro dey”:

Similar to the way a bus driver can spot a passenger a mile away, so too you must spot opportunities from the distant. Don’t be afraid to stop anywhere and pick it up.

· Pull out anywhere/ Don’t Indicate!:

If you’re not happy on the “bus stop” your life is on and you’re not making any progress, It’s okay to pull out. Just remember there’s other opportunities down the road and another bus man behind you.

· Hold your money bag because your conductor is he feting his woman:

The people closest to you can hurt you emotionally and financially. The conductor dips his hands in the money bag when he hits a rock and you’re not looking. Somethings you just handle on your own.

· You need passengers: We all need people, especially if you’re into business. The goods don’t buy themselves.

· Don’t make people rush you/ “Gimme a minute allu”:

If you on a stop and passengers are cursing, let them wait. Seek your interest, they’re not seeing what you’re seeing. They want to get home, you’re looking for more dollars.

· Treat your conductor/ Wah yuh drinking?:

When people are riding with you show appreciation. Buy them lunch, take them out, fete them.

· Don’t be afraid to “Pound de road”:

Sometimes, you must get out of your comfort zone, sometimes you may have to break the rule and take some risk. The true magic happens just outside your comfort zone – explore it!

· Drive the bus as if you’re the owner:

Whatever you do and wherever you are in life give it your all. The job you’re in now, treat is like it’s yours, go all out, be committed 100%, give it your best. Fake it till you make it and when you do make it, remain committed and stay focus.

· “Full de tank in the morning”

Before you head out to the world of work ensure that your tank is filled. Pray, affirm your day, drink water, do whatever it takes to be filled with positive energy. Do it in the morning because you never know if you’ll have time to do it during the day.

Nazzim Hypolite

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