Political parties need to clean up!!!

On listening to a radio program a few days ago hosted by a gentleman who represents the New National Party, he stated that it was past time for the NDC candidates to take down their posters, billboards and other items because general elections are long gone.

I got the impression that the NDC was negligent in doing so and I had to agree with him as he was making a very valid point. However, yesterday while travelling around the island of Carriacou, I found not only posters of the NDC but also of the NNP, and in addition, several areas on the streets defaced with white paint by the NNP.

A very long time ago, politicians wrote on the roads prior to elections as it was one of the ways to communicate.

There were no telephones, internet, television, cell phones nor social media back then. However, paint was never used. Instead, white chalk was used which was easily washed away by the rains or worn off within weeks.

I would not have even imagined that in this day and age, people would still be using this practice and yet do not think that they should be using a product which could easily be removed.

I first noticed this kind of defacement in the St. George North-West constituency but then realised that it was done by the NNP all over the country. Why did those in authority not instruct their supporters beforehand and let them know what they should or should not have done? I am sure that defacing public property is a crime!

I hope that using paint on the streets is discontinued for any future campaigns and that the police would hold those responsible for their actions. In the meantime, I am calling on political parties to remove any remaining banners, placards and posters. In particular, I am calling on the NNP to clean up the streets by removing the white paint as soon as possible. We have a country to build and beautify. Efface whatever you defaced!

The Citizen

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