The launch of the 2018 Spicemas has ignited a concern I have had for several years. The concern is that of the lack of a dignified role for the National Carnival Queen.

On Carnival Thursday night when the queen show is held, a Grenadian woman filled with intelligence, talent, and grace is crowned Miss Grenada National Queen. One would expect that young lady to have various roles to highlight her title. One would expect that in the capacity as Miss Grenada, that young lady will be given the opportunity, platform and resources to champion a cause of their choice or passion.

In our society, there are countless options in that regard, including, domestic violence, child abuse, youth violence, youth unemployment, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy and the list goes on.

It is unfathomable that members of the Grenada Carnival Committee (then) and Spicemas Corporation (now) have not seen the need to ensure that the national queen has a national role in our society. It is shameful that the next time she has a role is the following year when she does her final walk and crowns the newly crowned queen.

Grenada holds an Independence rally, this is an ideal occasion to formerly invite the reigning Miss Grenada and she should be asked to give a few remarks. Moreover, she should be invited to other national events, sashed and crowned as the national queen she is.

As a former Carnival Queen, I can attest to the fact that carnival queens are often ignored once crowned on Carnival Thursday night. When I won, the next time I heard from a member of the Carnival Committee was two days before the queen show the following year. I was reminded of the start of the show. That’s it.

The scant courtesies extended are too embarrassing to share publicly. What I will say though is that, I attempted to enter one of the gates to the show, wearing my Miss Grenada National Queen sash and my crown and was told that my name was not on the list. Shocked as I was, I stood there pondering my next move, one of which was to abandon my only role as Miss Grenada. Then there was a spontaneous rethinking by the person guarding the entrance and I was allowed in.

I make a special plea to Spicemas Corporation to have a plan in place now to ensure that the next Miss Grenada has a splendid year of reign. A reign of activities and roles. There are multiple ways in which she can be highlighted. Miss Grenada is a national title which should come with national responsibilities and some perks.

I make a plea also to the next Miss Grenada, use you position and fame to bring about some change that you wish to see in our society. If Spicemas Corporation is not forthcoming with the necessary resources, corporate society can partner with you to voice your cause of choice.

There are elements in groups and corporation who are there not by merit but based on their affiliation. If they cannot do a commendable job, they should not be there. I am looking forward to see more of and hear more from the next Miss Grenada National Carnival Queen, as her reign will be much more than a final walk.


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