The progressives are very impatient!!!

Because of Good Friday we can celebrate the risen Christ. Without Peter’s denial and betrayal there would have been no Good Friday. In the midst of betrayal and hypocrisy there is hope. I trust that you had a Blessed Easter and that we can muster the hope required to survive the turbulent times ahead.

As a youth in the 70s, many of us young people dedicated our life’s work to building a nation where the poor and working people could have a decent chance at life. Young impressionable minds, looking up to leaders who spoke a language that inspired us to want to follow their vision of a progressive Grenada. No sacrifice was too much to bear.

We believed that we were fighting against oppression, corruption, nepotism and a rigged democratic election system which always returned the incumbent to office. It is in this context that the 1979-1983 revolution was born.

The implosion of the revolution heralded a different dispensation. Progressive ideas became taboo. All vestiges of the revolution were systematically erased but many of us believed that the values which were instilled in that earlier era would have been the guiding compass steering the remnants of the revolution to live out the virtues we once held.

Today, we have to face a new reality. The stark reality is that the revolution was doomed to fail. Not all progressives were genuine. Who could have ever imagined that these so-called progressives would be comfortable playing the role that they played in support of an NNP regime? The same NNP regime that had actively worked to keep them behind bars.

Who could forget the words of Keith Mitchell when the NDC-led Tillman Thomas government released the 17 from jail: “This is a very dark day in Grenada”, he said. Left up to the NNP, the 17 would still be languishing in prison.

What do the progressives have in common with Keith Mitchell and the NNP? To the naked eye – nothing!! But the very thing which they fought against and which led them to the route of revolution: oppression, corruption, nepotism and a rigged electoral system – is what they have embraced. What a shame!!!

Remember the story of Easter: hypocrisy, betrayal and hope. The hope of hijacking the NNP from Keith Mitchell. The sole mission of the progressives is to ensure that their ‘Judas’ emerges as the next Party Leader and ultimately Prime Minister of Grenada.

Keith Mitchell said that he had unmasked the masked men when he used some very prophetic words in the Parliament warning Tillman Thomas about the representative for the Town of St. George. He now needs to heed his own warning.

He also needs to remember that the progressives are very impatient and won’t be waiting indefinitely. So, hurry up and hand over the reins. The Progressive are ready to once again rule Grenada. It’s Peter time!!

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Revolutionary Fighter

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