Allegations of irregularities

Mr. Alex Phillip
Acting Supervisor of Elections
Tanteen Terrace,
St. George’s

Dear Mr. Alex Phillip:

A number of allegations of irregularities were brought to your attention by several entities prior to the General Elections which you promised to address after the elections scheduled for 13 March 2018.

Somehow the date of 19 March 2018 stands out in my mind as the date given by you to address those matters. To date, however, I have heard nothing about a report or explanation about those allegations.

One would think that in your capacity of Supervisor of Elections – after reading the preliminary reports put out by the Observer Missions – that you would promptly deal with the complaints and allegations and swiftly issue a televised and well-circulated report/statement in order to defend your reputation and the good name of your office which now both seem to be under a dark cloud.

As a Social activist, you know that – even when others tend to forget or shy away – I raise the issues boldly.

Hopefully, the nation would hear from you soon as to your findings pertaining to these allegations of irregularities which occurred under your watch.

Valerie Thompson

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