Silver Sands Phase 2

Permit me to draw to your attention to the Bill Board which has been recently erected in the Riviera Lot adjoining Camehogne Park – Silver Sands Phase 2.

There are reports that surveying of the road area has been taking place over the last few weeks. There are suggestions that the road will be relocated. What is now Wall Street will be replaced by the road.

We can now make some deductions as to why the BUS STOP was moved to its present location. The round about will disappear and the road leading to Journey’s end will be closed off to traffic. This suggests colleagues that access to Camerhogne Park will be affected.

There are also suggestions that the PLAYING FIELD (note that it was FENCED OFF more than a year ago under the supposedly football competition that was held here) will be converted to entertainment facilities for tourists.

This is in keeping with the plans noted on the Blue Growth Master Plan.

We are being PUSHED OUT of OUR space – the green spaces and ultimately the Grand Anse Beach!

To be forewarned is to be forearmed!

Sandra Ferguson

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