NAWASA needs major surgery

Would you believe it? Grenada has been awash with rain for almost a month but we experienced in the Radix area cuts to our water supply for approximately 18 hours of our first week in the country.

The week that followed we had some dry and sunny days so the experience was two consecutive days for approximately 12 hours without mains supply and this week, beginning Monday 5th March, the skies opened from above from about midday with torrential rain causing major flash flooding throughout St George’s yet in Radix we had our water supply cut off for approximately forty-eight hours continuously.

Water supply or water shortage is normally an issue in areas of the world where experience of prolong dry spells happen; here in Grenada we are blessed with plenty of heavy sharp showers of rain throughout the year including what is known as our dry season so why have we got to put up with this discrimination of crude cuts to our water supply by this monopoly?

After approximately 36 hours without water on the mains, I decided to telephone the Water Authority to find out when supply will be restored. The person who took the call (a woman) very politely passed me onto another woman who I must say was also polite until I asked the question after giving my name.

“The water supply to Radix has been cut off permanently for about 36 hours now, could you tell me when supply will be restored please?”

The phone immediately became dead: no reply from the woman at the other end and she just cut me off.

If that’s the kind of customer service this monopoly utility has to offer for a lifeline service such as water then we Joe Public are entitled to demand changes at the top. My late granny used to say: “Fish starts to rotten from the head.”

This is a very sick authority that needs major surgery. We need to cut out the bad bits and keep the good bits together with a drastic transformation programme over a specified time scale.

Two to three decent size reservoirs need to be planned and constructed for the long term since they are evidence on a daily basis that demand for mains supply water is on the increase and this will continue to be the case for many years to come.

Perhaps the directors of NAWASA could tell us what are their future plans for meeting the spiralling demand for mains water especially in the Parish of St George?

This is an authority with an extremely poor customer service record as far as I am concern. This authority installed a water meter to my property without my permission and without telling anyone for well over a year.

The matter came to a head when some 18 months after the installation a demand for over $2,500 was made for payment within a few days otherwise the supply will be cut off. No one at the property understood the demand because the bills of $35 per month based on the rateable value was paid on demand each month.

When the demand was questioned and disputed we were told how long the meter was installed and based on its reading that sum was owed to NAWASA based on usage and it must be paid immediately.

When we questioned the delay in billing based on metering we were told that NAWASA system was not in place and up and running to bill by metering until such time.

This is a badly run public utility authority that is in need of major surgery and I hope the government of the day will take heed and act in the best interest of the general public.

Winston Strachan

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