Don’t legalise the herb!!!

Grenada, the lovely land of my birth where people lived as one family.

People cared for others and bore others burdens, today things have changed to the extent that some who have climbed life’s ladder tries to throw it down on reaching the top where there is plenty of room.

There are people who have achieved much in this life and would like to leave a legacy behind. There is one person who I believe means well and has good intentions and wants to do something for his country, but at the same time, I remember the old folks said two heads are better than one.

This is the reason why I choose not to come down on Papa-Ganja when he made a renewed call for the liberalisation of GANJA.

I said before and so say I again that marijuana is presently an illegal substance if or when it is legalised it will do more harm than what is being done at this time.

Papa-Ganja suggest that it should be used in moderation – no one should expect that drug users will use drugs in moderation when it is in abundance.

Papa-Ganja also admitted that every Government has the responsibility to protect its citizens and noted that abuse of any substance is bad, but with the same mouth he has made a renewed call for the legalisation of GANJA.

Here is what I am going to suggest, since the legal chap wants to do something for his county, I am suggesting that he advise the owner of Cocode mountain to sell a portion of that mountain and donate the proceeds towards the refurbishment of the Carlton home which was devastated by hurricane Ivan and remains in a state of disrepair since then.

It is better to encourage something that can help to rehabilitate or restore health, than something that can destroy health, at the end of the day one can say that he has left a good legacy behind.

The Peasant

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