A mistake should be the greatest teacher

Grenada deserves what they get. No leader can go in and change what Keith created – a group of young people who want instant gratification, hand outs and a little $700 a month to keep then impoverished and right where he wants them.

Keith operates like all populist leader. You keep your people at a level so that they will always need you. You don’t enlighten them for the fear of realising that his policies are actually bad for the country, communities and families.

No different from what Gairy did. We are seeing exploitation and recolonialisation right under our noses yet we rejoice and call it development.

Our resources are sold to the highest foreign bidder, locals are stripped of their access to beaches etc. He destroyed agriculture and now our people rely on foreign imports that get them sick with cancer.

The high level of cancer and other food related diseases in Grenada is alarming. Now everyone trying to go local again but can’t afford it as the local foods are more expensive than imports.

The nation is sick and the health care system is in shambles. You pay for every doctor’s visit, and the local hospital has little or no equipment to do basic scans and medical investigations.

Our people have to turn around and pay thousands of dollars for simple, simple test. No control. Everyone could open a private medical practice without the appropriate scrutiny.

The people with money will fly away but most can’t because you live in a state with 30% unemployment and among the youth population it is 70%.

Yet we have people jumping up behind a leader because he fixed a little road just before an election; because he kept bringing foreigners who are exploiting our people and our resources; because he could dance and act the fool; because he could sit on the side of the road and be comfortable drinking with the boys; because he has questionable connections and is able to lay his hand on enough money to keep a few happy.

I can go on and on but that is what our people called development. So, let them get their development.

The place will have to crash and burn for people to truly realise the shit they are in. But as the old adage says a mistake should be the greatest teacher.

Uncle Teacher

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