The “Progressive Forces”

This is intended to shed some light on the hypocrisy behind the persons charading today as the progressive forces and mastermind of Project Grenada who have conveniently taken up residence in the House hoping to evict the landlord and take full control.

After all this has been their only modus operandi. Look back at the power struggle they waged after 2008 for control of the NDC Brand.

Allow me to refresh your memories. After the demise of the revolution in 1983, the progressive forces needed a place to rest their tired selves. Tillman Thomas, against the wishes of his membership stood up and took a principled position and gave the young “revolutionaries” a second chance at national development and political rebirth.

Little did he know that Captain Peter under the tutelage of his mentor – Chester, had ulterior motives and rather than working in the interest of the development of Grenada, was really in search of an easy route to taking over the NDC.

The battle waged by the progressive forces resulted in NDC losing the 2013 elections thus losing the opportunity to put Grenada on a sound footing after the worst economic recession in Grenadian history. But all was not lost as coming out of that defeat was the rebirth of the NDC with a rebranding and reorganisation of the party under the leadership of Nazim Burke and his unified team.

The NDC was able to hold on to its base and today is well positioned to win the upcoming March 13 general elections. That would be poetic justice!!

To appeal to the progressive forces, Chester and Peter influenced Keith Mitchell to set the Election date for March 13. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to hear Keith Mitchell talking about “making Revolution on March 13″. What hypocrisy !!!

Today this trio is now speaking the same language. The good news is that revolution means CHANGE. So on March 13 the people of Grenada would rise up at the polling stations and Vote for CHANGE.

The Progressive Forces are in search of an easy route to power again and their new target is the house of the NNP. Being unceremoniously kicked out of NDC they had to find a safe landing and an easy route to controlling party and government.

NUF was not easy enough. And although Captain David is suspected to have given Glynis and NUF certain assurances that he would be their leader, his mentor Chester probably advised him that this was too much hard work, it would take too long, so their eyes are now set on the house of the NNP.

Despite the pushback from hardworking and even foundation members of NNP, the termites have successfully embedded themselves and gained favour with their chief nemesis, the man who they railed so vehemently against over the decades. MISSION accomplished!!!

The likes of Bhola, Horsford, Clarice etc must sit in a corner and watch these two termites eat away at the foundation and roof of their House.

Effectively sidelined are those NNP STALWARTS who have paid their dues and invested their intellect and talent to make the NNP what it is today.

Mr. Progressive Chester – certainly did not get the people’s message. After the workers booed him in Queens Park that should have signaled to him that he had fallen from Hero to Zero. He honestly does not realise that he is no longer a factor in Grenadian politics. He has fallen from grace having betrayed the workers.

Imagine, Gravel and Concrete and Postal Corporation is allegedly sold and Chester has not said a word.

Where is his passion as the chief progressive and liberator of the people? No longer is he fighting for workers rights and benefits. His only fight now is to control the NNP, pushing his puppet Peter in front.

Chester had the worst things to say about Keith Mitchell. Today, he is frothing at the mouth on NNP Platform, touting Keith Mitchell’s virtues. Opportunism is a terminal illness. Chester who vowed to defend workers’ interest is today deaf, dumb and blind to all the ills, hardship and taxes strangling the poor and working class.

He is no longer calling for national School Bus/Transportation which he was strangling the NDC to implement. He is ok with school children going to school now with empty book bags. KCM and the NNP cold-heartedly took away the Free School Books from the children of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

The poor and needy workers’ children are no longer Chester and Peter’s priority. The progressive forces champion is happy to stand on the platform of businessman Nikolas Steele and tout his progressive achievements while just across the street our Camerhogne Park has been given away to foreign investors.

Not a word being said in defense of our patrimony and heritage. Not a word from the progressive forces!!! The NNP sell our Oil and Gas rights to some Russians. Not a word on that from the progressive forces. They have tunnel vision, only one goal in sight – and that is controlling the NNP. They have bigger fish to fry!!

The landlord of the House has given a signal to the progressive forces that he would not be contesting another general election and the progressive forces are now salivating, as this is their last hope of hijacking an established Party.

After all, age is catching up with them. Having lost the fight within the NDC they are now hell bent on capturing the NNP. Stomping as 2 lunatics, frothing at the mouth as depraved animals, telling lies and trying to destroy the NDC and Nazim Burke.

How about DEBATING the issues and explaining your plan and vision? Chester and the progressive forces should be encouraging their new found leader to debate Nazim Burke. Why is NNP ducking from the Debate? Keith should be excited to seize the opportunity to showcase his achievements over the 5 years and 3 weeks in office.

Having done nothing that he promised, he could simply rehash the campaign promises of last election: jobs, jobs, jobs, foreign investors-lined-up, new economy. It is clear that they are scared of a Debate with Nazim.

That is like the Devil and the Cross!! They prefer to sling mud and launch attacks at Nazim. Everyone knows that Nazim Burke would have a field day with Keith Claudius Mitchell in a debate. Cowards!!! That is what they all are.

So, Grenadians, as we prepare to go to the polls ask yourself these questions: What has changed? What is the Peter and Chester agenda? NNP has not done anything that can be considered progressive or revolutionary….what then is the main attraction?

Why didn’t the progressives throw their support behind Glynis and NUF? If the progressive forces were sincere they would have supported her and built up their own base to challenge both NDC & NNP. They have no time to work hard for what they want! Easy Route to POWER.

Today they are hoping to pull wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting and make a power grab from the foundation members of the NNP. This is the only playbook they know.

PROGRESSIVE FORCES: Please go and form your own party and leave the NNP in peace. Disgruntled NNP people have much more respect for Terry Forrester/ “Bhagdad Bob” than they do for these termites who are sure as hell going to destroy the house of the NNP.

Danny Williams is probably reeling from the openly viscous onslaught of those termites within the house of the NNP .

DEFEAT this March 13 election will come to NNP thanks to the work of those progressive forces. After the election defeat please take a page from Tillman Thomas and the NDC …..Kick them out and save your Party Brand.


True Revolutionary

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