Vote him out!!!

Dear Dr. Keith,

I must first congratulate you on your exceptional dance moves. Your dance moves are a clear indication of physical fitness and commendable rhythm. And word has it, that your dance moves are labeled as the highlight of the NNP rallies. What an accomplishment! When one who is conscious-minded would expect real issues to take center stage. Wishful thinking!

In the 2018 Independence Rally which I am convinced was more of a watered-down version of an NNP rally, I listened as Dr. Curwen stood with pride and elation to introduce you to the audience. She shared that your accomplishments Sir, are second to none. I was in awe. I immediately began to mentally question what accomplishments was she speaking off. And then it came to me.

You have accomplished a legacy of manipulation. You Sir, continue to manipulate your supporters that you are the best man for the job of Prime Minister of Grenada. You have been in the capacity of Prime Minister for close to 18 years and yet your thirst for another term has me baffled. This is not a dictatorship, this is a democratic country where change in government should be encouraged and favoured.

You have accomplished a country where some young people (only those you know support you) are comfortable with sitting at home, doing nothing and receiving a monthly stipend from taxpayers’ purses. This by far is a disgrace. As a young person myself, I want to know the ethics of hard work. I want to experience the feeling of empowerment.

You Sir, have cornered those young people into thinking that no work equals pay because they support you. Do you believe that you will always be in power? What happens to them when you are voted out of office?

You have accomplished a debt that generations of Grenadian adults may never be able to repay. Surprisingly though, I cannot pinpoint one thing you have done with the monies you borrow. Dr. Keith, you were called upon to update the nation on the national debt figure. You are yet to do that. Rather, with a dictator’s tone, you said that the national debt is not important but the country’s willingness to repay its debt is.

If I credit a television from Courts, are you saying that the final Hire Purchase price is not pertinent to me? Because I have a job which means I have the ability to pay, that that is the only thing that matters? I beg to differ. You are a Statistician and the Minister of Finance, the national debt figure should be at the tip of your tongue. Is Grenada once again in boiling waters because of its inability to pay its arrears?
So, Sir, what should we make of this new development? Looks like you do not know what the debt figure is neither are you financing it.

You have accomplished a country of hopelessness. Imagine being a citizen of a country and you cannot progress from Point A to B because you either do not support the government or you are not politically affiliated. Ponder on that for a second Dr. Keith. For many Grenadians, this is their story.

A microscopic assessment of the RGPF is testimony to that. Police officers who are qualified for promotions based on their outstanding performances and commitment to the RGPF but are not NNP loyalists are ignored when promotion come up. You know that they should be promoted but stifle them because you are not certain that they support you or not. This happened to a family member of mine. He was told that “your name went up but the bigger boys weren’t sure if you supporting the PM boy.”

Sir, you should remember that nationality being Grenadian takes precedence over political affiliation.

Promotion and other opportunities should be merit-based and not politically connected! You are not a man for the people or of the people or else you will not see colour when it comes to the advancement of Grenadians.

You have accomplished a country where passports are selling like hot bread and butter. Among all the despicable things you have done Sir, this is by far the most unpatriotic. What qualifies you to sell Grenadian passports to foreign nationals on the premise of investment?

I understand that Grenada is a developing country which exposes us to economic struggles and the Citizen by Investment Program may be one of the tools you perceive can help curb the struggles we face here. However, I am yet to hear of any developmental programs and projects that you have implemented using funds from the sale of passports. Where is the money? What have you done with it thus far?

If I was in your shoes, I would use the time I have left in office to at least do something worthy of true praise. Improve the health care sector in Grenada. The average Jane and John Doe do not have “St. Augustine’s money” to use when they fall sick. We do not have your millions. And so, we need you to use some of this CBI money to enhance the health care in this country.

The General Hospital is quickly becoming a hospice and that is frightening. Moreover, no one is being held accountable when fatal errors are made there. Then again, I have to remember that I am speaking of the NNP government. When does anyone in this government take responsibility for their wrongdoings? Never!

Sir, I can recall when the briefcase issue unfolded, I was in secondary school at the time, I struggled to come to grips with this bold statement you made, “it’s me damn money, ah only sorry I didn’t get more.” You fearlessly echoed those words to the nation. You did not own up to your wrongdoing and that is a shame. It is hard to fathom the words that fall from your lips.

In an interview with your friendly network, you said if you were the NDC you would raise the white flag now. This was a cowardly statement. Clearly, you have accepted the fact that this election is competitive, things are not going to go down as they did in 2013. You really believe that Grenada is a one-party state and that all the people should be for you. Hence you are comfortable making derogatory remarks about supporters of the NDC. People have a choice here. And there are people like myself who will never support you because you are not a Prime Minister for all the people.

Dr. Keith, you have not done this country proud. On March 13th, I can only hope that the electorate demonstrate with their votes that your dictator style government will not work for Grenada. Your ideologies do not contribute to the development of Grenada. We demand change because if we continue on this path, an ocean floor of problems will surface. If we standstill and watch as you and only your people move up the ladder, then the equality and fairness that our ancestors fought for is futile.

You seem to like dancing so much, I think you will make an excellent dance teacher. When you are voted out of office, that should be an exciting career path for you because you can’t sit down.

The Graduate

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