Peter – the power seeker

I’m hearing that Peter David goes many mornings to Mt. Royal to be with Keith Mitchell.

I can imagine how giddy Peter David feels to be so near to grasping power. Or is he so near? Perhaps he is worried by the fact that the NDC seemed to bring a bigger crowd to their St. David’s rally than NNP managed to attract to their youth rally in Tempe where they spent some of the dollars given to them by, who? Venezuela again? on bringing to Grenada a Jamaican singer called Romaine Virgo.

So here was real freeness intended to seduce the masses of youthful Grenadians (most Grenadians are actually under the age of 18) plus the supporters were bussed or trucked in for free.

By contrast, everyone attending the St. David’s NDC rally came under their own steam, on foot or by bus, paid.

There was no Jamaican artiste yet the crowd was enormous!

This must have been a huge shock to Mitchell and his NNP. Maybe that accounts for the uneasy quiet that lies over the island in this pre-election period.

And when these two meet at 6.00 a.m, sometimes with Chester Humphrey in attendance as well, I wonder if they ever remember that under the PRG that Mt. Royal was largely used as a torture chamber.

Can David and Mitchell still hear the screams of those stripped naked and tied to a chair whilst electric wands were applied to their genitals? Do these screams still echo in what is now the official residence of the Prime Minister?

Mitchell may be unaware of it, but surely Captain Peter David would have known that Mt. Royal was a place used for torture of those who had voiced their opposition to the PRG?

And certainly, the Moscow-trained Chester Hunphrey must have known. After all David appears to have been involved in torture himself, judging from what we hear about his treatment of Dr. Japal.

I read on a local newspaper what Eammon DeFrietas said about Peter David when he picked him up one early morning. Eammon is a lawyer just like Peter and Peter has not denied what his colleague said about him.

And it is entirely possible that Bishop, dwelling in Mt. Wheldale which directly overlooks Mt. Royal, could have heard those screams from his residence. Perhaps that is why so many victims of torture have testified that Bishop was present because although blindfolded they recognised his very recognisable voice.

It’s easy to slip down to Mt. Royal from the back of Mt. Wheldale. Also, perhaps that is why his wife Angela Bishop nee Redhead took his two children and left for Canada.

Former PRA Lieutenant

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