NNP – a party in crisis

With only a few weeks remaining before the general elections, the New National Party finds itself in an identity crisis. It is a case of the party not knowing itself anymore.

Consider this! Old stalwarts like former General Secretary Joslyn Whiteman and former PRO Terry Forrester have been sufficiently alienated to be now running independently and challenging the NNP candidates in St. David and St. George.

Consider this also: Keith Mitchell’s closest advisers are no longer the likes of Danny Williams and Roland Bhola. These pillars of the party have been replaced by the power hungry communistic Peter David and his atheistic handler, Chester Humphrey.

The reality is that a coup is well and truly afoot within the NNP. Old stalwarts who worked in the trenches to build the party have been pushed aside making room for political rejects and opportunists who failed in their bid to grab power in the National Democratic Congress.

Young and talented individuals like Kennedy Roberts, Devon Rachae and Dwight Horsford have either been forced to reconnect with old political friends or to pull away and remain quiet.

Hamlet Mark, an individual who is close to Peter David and regarded by many as a mercenary journalist, is directing the NNP’s election propaganda.

All of the above makes the question of succession within NNP a very worrying one. Is Keith Mitchell going to hand over the party to this group of hijackers who have a history of undermining and mashing up? Is Keith Mitchell really going to hand over the stewardship of Grenada to unstable elements like Peter David and Chester Humphrey?

This is the kind of thing that must have the business community and Civil Society trembling in their boots.
And how does heir apparent Gregory Bowen feel about this? Or Tony Boatswain? Or Clarice Modeste? And what kind of agony Nimrod must be feeling in his retirement as he watches the situation unfold?

This whole scenario paints a frightening picture of chaos and instability within the NNP as Peter David and his group press forward with their plan to seize power within the NNP using the cover of Project Grenada.

Is this the legacy that Mitchell wants for Grenada?

The time has come for NNP stalwarts and foot soldiers to stand up and save the party from the fast approaching chaos.

The New National Party is facing nothing less than the threat of the loss of its identity and Grenada can hardly afford to be once again plunged into the trauma of a civil war within a political party.

It is now time for the NNP resistance! Come on Clarice Modeste. Come on Yolande Bain-Horsford. Mobilise the NNP women and save the party from the loss of its soul. The alternative will be so ugly and bad and that it will make what these guys did in NDC look like a joke.

In the final analysis blame for the current crisis within the NNP could be laid at the foot of its aging party leader who like the dictator, Robert Mugabe, did no succession planning.

The existing scenario is one that should concern not only NNP stalwarts, but indeed all who will be voting on March 13th.

Supporters of the NNP who reside in the Town of St. George should carefully consider how or if they vote.

They might serve their party and Grenada better by spending March 13th relaxing on any of our beautiful beaches instead of staining their fingers for Peter David and his parasitic friends.

True Revolutionary

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