Grenlec has performed!!!

I am shocked to hear the attack on WRB and Grenlec by our Prime Minister at his rally on Sunday night.

Why would Dr. Mitchell accuse WRB of interfering in Grenada’s electoral matters?

And he had the gall to say that he would contact his friends in the U.S government to complain about WRB.

Like Dr. Mitchell forget that the U.S government has the undistinguished record of being the biggest interfering in the internal affairs of countries around the world.

Our Prime Minister might have had a lapsed in memory because he was the biggest beneficiary of U.S interference in the internal affairs of Grenada because of the invasion of our country in 1983.

Should I remind the Prime Minister that during the days of the Grenada Revolution that he was declared a counter-revolutionary along with others in the Grenada Democratic Movement (GDM) including his good old friend, Stanley Cyrus.

Why would Dr. Mitchell forget that his new found friends like Captain Peter David and Comrade Chester Humphrey, who admitted that he was a member of the militia were waiting with guns ready to shoot him dead if he ever set foot on Grenadian soil with mercenaries?

In the eyes of Comrades Peter and Chess, the current PM was not only a destabiliser but also a lumpen element who should have been shot on sight for trying to mash up the Glorious March 13th, 1979 Revolution.

Co-incidentally, the two Comrades are suspected as the culprits that might have influenced PM Keith to set our election next month for March 13.

The Prime Minister is only attacking Grenlec because he and his sidekick Gregory Bowen lost big times with the privatisation of the company by the NDC in 1994.

Dr. Mitchell, please speak the truth about Grenlec and the company’s success in solving the days of black-outs under you as Minister of Works and Gregory Bowen.

Do you forget the money that USAID give to us to help buy generators for Grenlec to end the days of black-outs?

Did Gregory Bowen purchase a set of second hand generators that kept breaking down almost every day? Did you and Bowen solve the days of the black-outs?

Dr. Mitchell, your legacy is already etched in the history books – the man who has won the most elections in Grenada but also the man who has been responsible for the national debt being a millstone around the neck of this generation and the next generation to follow.

Those who are trying to put you alongside the likes of Eric Gairy and Maurice Bishop as great Grenadian leaders are being laughed at because you are not even qualified to look into the room where Gairy and Bishop might be sitting to hold a conversation.

The two of them were way above you when it comes to charisma and genuine love for the people. I will give you the edge on them in terms of amassing wealth because neither Gairy or Bishop had $19 plus million in assets.

Sir, your true legacy will be felt long after you depart office as Grenada will continue to be saddled with taxes and more taxes to pay its huge debts caused by you and NNP between 1995 and 2008.

Faithful Grenadian

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